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DIY: A Simple And Colorful Fourth Of July

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Paint Sample Banner

Crafty mom Rebekah Gough from A Bit of Sunshine created this banner using paint chips from her local home improvement store and stencils created on her computer.

Woah! Is it hot out or is it just me?

Maybe I’m just showing my age but this year seems like it’s too hot for any activity of the outdoor variety.

I hear it’s supposed to be around 108-degrees in my neck of the woods this weekend. There are burn warnings here in Alabama and massive wildfires in Colorado — stay safe my friends! — and I am expecting firework bans due to extremely dry conditions and a lot of people opting to stay in the cool and predictable climate of the great indoors.

This may put a damper on some of the usual July Fourth fun so I’ve been looking for ways to bring the celebration from the back yard into the living room.

These DIYs wcover the age gamut from adults to children and do their best not to break the bank.

Sometimes the simple things in life are all we really need. The company we keep creates the magic and are what summer holidays are all about.

Happy Fourth!


Rainbow Jelly Shooters

Taste the rainbow — and the liquor! Find out how to make these colorful Rainbow Jelly Shooters from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.

If you’re looking to be the life of the party this year then you only need to show up with tray of these punch-packing jelly shooters. I made them one year without the cherry, with sprinkles (add just before you serve), and I substituted coconut rum for vodka. The recipe is very easy to follow but do play it safe and make them a few days ahead. Each layer truly needs time to set properly, otherwise you’ll end up with a gloopy, watery mess. Let’s just say that one tray never quite made it to the shindig. Tip: Use a sports water bottle when dispensing the jello mixture into the pans or molds. It gives you accurate aim and helps keep drippy messes at bay.

Fourth of July Fun Tray

Add a little color by coordinating red, white and blue foods and beverages on one tray. Grouping in consistent colors creates a chic look even when using simple items. Find more party ideas at Tiny Prints.

It’s easy to make yourself look like Martha Stewart but on a budget of a cheap skate. Just remember get creative with your presentation and keep the colors coordinated. This post at Tiny Prints shows you how to make mason jar cupcakes, patriotic chocolate strawberries and blueberry-studded straws which add a touch of whimsy to your beverages. Just arrange, serve and watch the party turn into a par-tay.

Sprinkle Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream and summer time are about as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly. You can’t really have one without the other. This quick and easy DIY from ShopHollyDays shows you how to create your own adorable sprinkle-covered cones right at home.

Bringing the excitement of the ice cream parlor to your kitchen has never been easier. This one-two-three DIY from blogger Holly McKenzie (who also happens to be an Alabama-based gal) will have all of the neighborhood kids knocking at your door. Simply choose your cone, melt your chocolate, and dip. It’s as simple as that! This is a perfect craft for older children and they will be even more delighted when they get to devour their ice-cream filled creations. Who needs the ice cream truck when there’s sprinkles!

Streamer Table Cloth

Take crepe paper streamers from the wall to the table by following this simple and inexpensive DIY tutorial @PartyPeopleBlog.com

A good tablescape really sets the mood for a party, but who has money to throw at decorations that will just be tossed out or stored until next year? This table runner was created for only three dollars and took only ten minutes to make but it makes a huge statement. The best part about this idea is that it can be customized to any party theme or holiday. This would also be a cute way to dress up the gift table at a baby or bridal shower.

DIY Printables

Sometimes all you need is a good printer. Whether you’re labeling your buffet table or making invitations for your event, these printable labels will help distinguish your party from all of the rest. Julie Kinser of Kinser Events always shares a good selection on her blog.

I have always liked the idea of making signs for food and beverage tables. It gives the host a break from having to describe everything and helps avoid confusion. Many people have food allergies and some (like me) generally prefer a veggie burger to a hamburger. Perhaps your penmanship isn’t so hot and your drawing skills leave a bit to be desired. Printables are the perfect way to create a very professional, upscale look in a fraction of the time. Even if you’re only using paper plates and napkins, these cute little signs can liven up the table with a bit of color. If you want to go the extra mile, add some glitter to your signs and make your table sparkle at night with the addition of candles. It’s the perfect way to wind down the evening.

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