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Division Leads to Revolution

Posted on the 31 May 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win

DIVISION LEADS TO REVOLUTIONPhoto by Randy Colas – Belgium

By Isis Win

A division of the country started the 1861 to 1865 US civil revolution. Different goals, different aims divided the country to the point of beginning an armed battle that later became a full revolution killing more Americans than all the wars the US has been involved in history. Through its path, the revolution messed everything the US was up to that moment, and although the country recovered, the US was not the same ever again. Today, the US is not fully recovered from that revolution. Division among Americans prevail, and is notorious, and is creating severe damage for the country. Perhaps it is “interesting” that only a minority of the US population are unhappy about the actual US’s state. They want to change that existing order. They are weaponized enough to arm another social revolution. They are ready and prepared to take action. Their sentiment is as strong as the sentiment of the drivers of that past revolution. However, that seems not to have an effect in the direction that the US has sustained since those days.

The aim and wishes of the potential revolutionaries do not belong to what the US legally stands, and the established contemporary civil rights. The objective of these anguished minority seems to belong to hundreds of years of the past. It is triggered by their opposition to the minorities that populate the US. African Americans, Latinos from all regions of the south border, LGBTQ people, Jews, Asian, Middle East people, Muslims, etc. The people that called themselves “Nationalists” oppose and want to erase from the country all those groups. Their name “nationalist” has nothing to do with the protection and improvement of the nation. It is just a name that otherwise is called White Nationalists that differs nothing from old groups like the KKK.

For years this group was somehow silent. Although they have been actively acting perpetrating acts of domestic violence. Neither the press or the government nor law and order have been broadcasting the impact of their actions except in cases such as the mass killings in synagogues, Mosques, etc. Nationalists do not hide their responsibility. Have they been taken to justice? Check your memory records to see what kind of legal actions they have faced. Maybe just a few isolated cases, but not the entire scope of their activities.

The issue of unjustified violence against African Americans perpetrated by the police has been blunt, and massive if we count that there is no year with cases making it to the headlines. It is clear that among the law and order officers, many can be considered nationalists, and abuse their power committing crimes of hate. Sometimes they get away with them, and the masses respond violently too. Responses had been significant across the country, mostly repressed, and after a little while, they seem to be forgotten. However, the reactions have been increasing in activity and violence after every case.

The reaction of the demonstrators, although they can be considered justified in reality, is solving nothing, but the contrary. It seems that African American demonstrators do not know or have forgotten the peaceful aim of Dr. Luther King to achieve civil rights in favor of the black community. Nonviolence does not harm a country, does not further the split of the population, and offers better chances of finding a resolution. However, for as long as violence keeps happening, the issue will continue and grow.

Our actual president has triggered part of the level of the toxic actions of civil servants, citizens, and anyone that is frustrated by their xenophobic sentiment. His messages have been divisive, and incite the White Nationalists to act as if they are in their right, and they are right to oppose minorities through violence. The result of the demonstrations in Charlottesville VA ending in the loss of one life, and several severely dismembered, is not the first message by Trump to White Nationalists, but one of the clearest ones. There have been plenty more messages with the same result. Attempting to analyze the reason for the US president to act and speak that way is irrelevant at this point. Creating a deep level of fear, uncertainty, and division among a population is a way to undermine all values that might undermine the control from people cueing fear and concern. Clearly, Trump’s aim to rule in a monarchical way, invalidating anything and anyone that may possibly question is an abuse of authority. The US president is the most powerful position in the world, and Trump clearly has shown how powerful he is. If this is not changed soon, most likely, we will see another civil revolution.

The US stands for, and advocates across the planet social justice and rights, human rights, and the bettering of all human conditions that ruled the world in the – no so old past. Conditions inherited from the times of the European monarchies that exploited people, resources, etc. while living as divine creatures. Nothing different than what we see today among the billionaires, top millionaires, and the oligarchs of the US and the world compared to the working class. Clearly, the battle is still far from over, but this administration took a few steps back to the old days, and they are getting away with murder.

Changing the order of the 21st century is possible, but it will be challenging. However, democracy will not be a viable solution. The reason being that for as long as the beneficiaries of the democratic process are not educated well enough about their history, laws, and to discern the information provided by the mass media does not serve the needed benefit. They become lambs in a nation of wolves. And that is what we have been seen in the US throughout the last century and before that. There is no better example than when we see Donald Trump: a man with a doubtful reputation, zero experience in public administration, is not even is a well-educated person. Then he promises to bring our nation to a better place than where we were during his campaigning, now his presidency. That is not the right place, a good promise nor a god start to create a better America. The White Nationalists only saw that promise, but not by the majority. The majority most have been frustrated about many old issues of national importance that have not been changed. Such as available, affordable health to all, a decent migratory reform, a higher tax rate to the top 30% of the population while the rest of the population is supporting the entire country. Also, an extreme buildup of the armed forces that does nothing, but competing with other nations driving the budget of all those nations to the sky. There are many more issues that are unresolved, and the majority of the voters want to change.

Senator Warren sounded like a communist during her campaign. It is time to end corruption in the US and bring those needed resources to the working-class she said. She is right; what we see now is nothing different than what the Russian Czars or the French Monarchy did long ago, and caused those bloody revolutions. However, Warren promised to work all that from within the government by having a steady fist on the laws that entitle Big Wigs and corporate America to do what we know they do. Where the real power is, it is doable, and we do not have to become communists or socialists to do so. All it takes is to be socially responsible and stop the abuse of big money. Perhaps with some consequences, but any as major as facing a revolution as it is looking now.

We have a pending presidential election, and we are clueless as to how the Trump campaign will manage their position. I bet they will make the nation more divided. And it is possible Trump would scream “Fraud” when losing the election. However, it is clear the majority of the American voters got enough of him, and the world stands behind any opponent – to the worst crook – Americans have seen seating at the White House. Just check the facts, go beyond the propaganda. You may learn that a better America is possible, but not in the hands of the government, but in the hands of the American people – when learning what we need – and we act when we are required.

Ending the massive demonstrations because the homicide of George Floyd can only happen if everyone stops feeding the divide that makes this situation much larger. The president should have to keep his mouth shut, but he didn’t. The press should stop broadcasting comments, reactions, etc. that further divide the people. Not that the issue should end right there. Perhaps the next administration will do something about the divide and lack of inclusivity of several minorities. Still, Trump’s administration will do nothing about it, but to incite the masses for their own purpose. That is the prevalent issue of the year, almost making Covid look almost irrelevant. The poor management and lack of touch of the administration can use focusing on other problems instead, such as potential fraud during the election.

The reason to end the demonstrations, and is to start making sure that ethical and honest legal teams bring this issue to the proper table, so this sad homicide stops for good in the future by not letting the police ever to act – ever again – in this illegal and inhuman way. One step at the time, and we will get there. Focusing on what matters is an important issue. Erasing Covid from been a potential threat now is. To make sure we have fair presidential elections is next. The economy will heal slowly, but surely.

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