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Discounted Heated Towel Rails

By Futli @futlim
Discounted Heated Towel Rails

On the Discounted Heating website they have a huge selection of veryreasonably priced towel rails available with an abundance of sizes to choosefrom to suit almost any application. In particular their Discounted Heated Towel Rail Section offers a fantastic choice of both curved and straightdesigns that are of excellent quality and have exceptionally low price tags.One I really like is the Discounted Prima Plus Curved 1120 x 600mm Heated Towel Rail, priced just over £100, it has a good quality finish, decent size to bturatio and a stylish design. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Discounted Prima Plus Curved 1120mm x 600mm Heated Towel Rail

Product Details

• Height: 1120mm
• Width: 600mm
• Watts: 776
• BTU: 2650
• Finish: Chrome

Discounted Heating UK
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Discounted Heating UK

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