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Dirt In The Palace (Jay​-​Z Vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup) – 2 Mello

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Timothy Purdy

2 Mello (Matt Hopkins) successfully mixed Dirt Of Your Shoulder by Jay-Z and Undersea Palace from the video game Chrono Trigger to make this awesome piece called Dirt In The Palace. In fact, his latest album Chrono Jigga consists of all mashups of Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger.

I know we have all heard mash ups of rap and other genres, but this was mashed up with a video game. Not rock or reggae or tejano music. This is gaming music. Something you don't here all that often. Of course you could argue that its just techno or early baby dubstep; the point is, its refreshing to hear two very different pieces of music mashed up so successfully. Plus,I know too many people, mainly gamers, who can fully appreciate this. Gotta love nerds.

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