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Direction Confirmed and Buckets of Gratitude

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
Wow! What a wonderful outpouring of support from faithful readers, friends and family. You are the ones who count, who matter. I write to and for you. You've listened (read), pondered and shared your thoughts and it has helped so much! I am grateful.
I knew my answer as I finished that post (need to catch up? Read that post), but through all of your comments and insights, a new, slightly altered, answer evolved. I thank you for that.
Survey Says (can't you just hear the guy saying that?):
Direction one: I'm keeping the blog! Thanks to you! You helped me see that shade of gray. I have decided, however, that I am no longer going to be promoting it or trying to build it. Of course, I'll still post my links on FB/Twitter/G+, but without the goal of building my audience. Now, it is just to share it with those readers who connect with me on a level that keeps you coming back here to read more.
I'll also be removing my review/giveaway tab soon. I have a few reviews in the works, so I'll complete those and then I likely won't do anymore unless it is for something I simply can't refuse! Like a steam mop. ;) I'm serious. Or fun ones that make sense for me to do with my kids, like one coming up on gardening with kids for BritMums. And Vlogging. I'll keep Vlogging because I just freaking LOVE to Vlog and practice here will actually help me down the road.
The blog will be just for fun now. I think I'll still switch the "A" part to "Adventures" though, because it fits better! It's easier to write here than to write letters individually to everyone back home and around the world that I like to keep in touch with. I think I may start a weekly (or whenever!) "Letters home" series.
Direction two is the winner!!! I have reached a point in my life where I can no longer ignore the call of my soul. You might refer to it as God's call or something different. But you know, at least if you've felt it, exactly what I mean. I have felt this calling for nearly 20 years. I'm coming back full circle now after being distracted for a very long time!
On Friday, after I posted and asked you for your opinions, I received confirmation of my path in two different ways. One was simply the way I felt when I wrote about becoming a Passion Test Facilitator. I felt alive, excited, vibrant, yes - passionate! I had a whole body "YES!" going on! (Don't know what the Passion Test is? Read about it here)
The second way was in helping two friends. One was inspired to step back into doing something she loves (and is damn good at) - writing. Like so many of us do, she had let life distract her. The "shoulds" took over. With a tiny nudge, from just a few interactions with me, she was able to grant herself permission again to start writing again. Yay!
The second friend needed to be heard, understood, validated. So, I listened, understood, and validated her. I could feel that I helped her and that felt good. Really good. It felt right. On Purpose. My purpose.
Fear is the Devil's work, some say. Today, I strip fear of it's power.
Direction Confirmed and Buckets of Gratitude
No longer will I be afraid of either failure or success. I will love myself and believe in my abilities and natural gifts. I will no longer fear what people will think of me. I know these fears will creep up now and then, but I vow to regularly practice losing these fears and loving myself. Practice! Practice! Practice! Those who-do-you-think-you-are voices that pop up from social conditioning will no longer rule my roost. 
I'm opening up here and telling you that I have this palpable fear that people (the ones that matter to me) will think I've gone woo-woo or weird as I begin to talk more about the Law of Attraction (an area in which I'm certified to teach), Energy, Spirituality as I experience it (not through my Roman Catholic upbringing), Personal Transformation and of course, how Affirmative Thought can change your life! 
Today, I embrace my path. My purpose. My future as a great Transformational Leader and Speaker here to make a positive impact on women and the world. First Stop: Passion Test Certification! 

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