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DIORSKIN • Nude Air Glow Powder

By Kellilash @Kellilash

As soon as I spotted this product sitting on the Dior counter, I knew I would not be leaving the store without it. The Dior Milky Dots incorporates some stunning summer makeup additions including a few limited edition complexion enhancing products. My advice to you is when you see a limited edition piece such as this that you fall in love with, buy it. Dior are renown for their limited editions and once out of stock, chances are you have missed it. These products are now collectables so trying to find them can be a hopeless task! This happened to me with their previous collection so lesson firmly learnt. Trying to be good gets you no where, just leaves you thinking more about it! Summer Collection 2016
Time to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this ... is it not just stunning?! Oh and to entice you even more, it comes with its own Dior Kabuki brush that fits the compact perfectly. Need I say more .... DiorSkin Nude Air Glow Powder is a luminous weightless powder that revives and illuminates the complexions original tone and lets skin breathe, creating this all round healthy satin glow. The formulation of this powder has been specially designed to fight pollution by eliminating the amount of toxins that the skin absorbs so it can breathe whilst being protected.

There are four versions of this compact and I have the shade 004 warm light. The other versions don't have as much of the pink, coral to them. The powder itself has this beautiful Nude Air embossment displayed within the mix of shades. They are so finely milled that fall out is non existent making them blend into the skin like a cream would to give you a totally natural sun kissed effect. As you can see the shimmer part of the powder is very subtle so you get a radiance affect as opposed to full on glitter or shimmer. The shades combined just work to such a beautiful effect.

Just sweep your brush all over the powder and apply in a three shape starting from your temple or just on to the cheek area should you prefer. You can be more precise and use the colours individually by taking your brush diagonally over the powder to use as a separate bronzer and separate blusher. Just play around to see how it suits you best.

It is indeed a luxury product with a luxury price tag for what is ultimately a bronzer meets blush but is definitely a compact to consider should you wish to indulge. The powder is buttery soft and blends very evenly and wears really well throughout the day. It adds just the right amount of warmth to give you that sunkissed healthy glow without being too orange or pink. I wouldn't reccomend using this particular shade as an all over bronzer unless you swipe your brush diagonally across the non pick shades then it's fine. I use this on my cheeks as it has a very subtle highlight and the colour is just perfect for my skin tone. It is buildable should you need to intensify the colours but it ultimately has a very natural finish.
It was so hard to capture on camera as it doesn't do it justice enough but I have lightly dabbed my brush into the whole palette and simply just applied it to my cheeks ... you can see how natural but gorgeous the palette combined is. You can of course intensify your look by adding in contour, bronzing some more and layering more of the palette itself.

Y ou cannot deny how beautiful this compact is and one that makes you just go WOW as soon as you look at it which is why so many people buy it only to just store it away as a collectable instead of using it - I for one do use the product as they were designed to be used because you know they shall be back soon to tempt us with another one and how else could I tell you about it!

They are priced at £39/$59 and all four shades are available online with Worldwide/International shipping!

Have you checked out the Dior Milky Dots Collection yet?

DIORSKIN • Nude Air Glow Powder

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