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Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton’s Dead

Posted on the 30 August 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton’s Dead

Well, the season 5 finale of True Blood aired on Sunday the 26th and what can I say but that it was one hell of a cliffhanger. This type of cliffhanger was a first for True Blood and I think they should continue with it. I like wondering what is going to happen and I don’t like having everything wrapped up into a neat little bow. True Blood previously had the ‘big bag’ all wrapped up and the finale left you with a new ‘big bad’, setting up for the next season. I prefer what we were left with on Sunday, the ‘big bad’ was not wrapped up but it sure as hell became more complicated and very, very interesting.

True Blood sucked me back in and I am not sure I wanted to be ‘sucked back in’ but alas that is where I am at. Of course, this ‘sucking me back in’ did not really fully occur until the finale. Let’s face it folks, the season had more downs than up and most everything was so disjointed. I digress though, as I often do because I am not here to write a review, just to give my ‘fangpinion’ on a speculation of mine.

How gratifying was it to see Bill Compton reduced to a pile of goo? I bet your answer is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I think that it was the most satisfying scene I have seen on ANY show I watch in a long time. I have been waiting (somewhat patiently) for the TRUE DEATH of this character for a while now and it was SWEET!

I could watch that video over and over because it is that good. This death led to a beautiful moment between our favorite couple: Eric and Sookie!

Ding-Dong: Wicked Bill Compton’s Dead

Now the question(s) would be but is he really well and truly dead or has he become someone or something else? I believe that some think ‘Lilith’ has taken him over and he is possessed by her spirit. I believe that it is much more than! Hold on to your hat because this one is a doozy! Do you all remember when Russell (RIP) scooped up all the Talbot goo and placed it in a jar? I know you do and this will come in handy later. Sookie thought he wanted to find a way to bring Talbot back to life somehow and she tossed that shit in the garbage disposal. Now here is where it might get a little tricky so stick with me here. The blood of Lilith that Roman had everyone worshipping at the altar was just blood but whose blood? I don’t think Roman knew the answer to that question either.

This leads me to my theory that the blood in the vial belonged to Warlow and this is where Talbot’s goo comes into play here. If you recall, Warlow only appeared to Sookie as an apparition because I think that he does not have a body. Warlow figured out a way to preserve himself should he ever die and that way was that some fool who would ‘drink of him’ drink all of him’ and as soon as that happens; Warlow has returned. I mentioned this to a couple friends and we were able to expand on this further.

A friend of mine had the speculation that before Warlow was made vampire he was a warlock. This is brilliant because as a Warlock, he would always be seeking other forms of magic other than his own to combine the two. What if Warlow wanted to breed with a woman that inherited the power of the fae and the pact was made somehow and then Warlow was made vampire? Since he was a warlock before being turned, he would know of a spell or something to preserve himself so he could come back for his fairy if he ever was staked. I believe that as a warlock he was able to make the vampires think they were seeing the biblical Lilith when they were not. Now, this leads me to the end of my speculation and it goes a little something like this:

Bill swallowed ‘all of the blood’ and once that blood attached to the inside of ‘Vampire Bill’ he was no more and thus Warlow was reborn! Please say hello to Warlow!

Warlow will be coming to claim his fairy princess, Sookie in Bill form! How awesome would that be? Thoughts, share them below!

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