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Digging on the Hillside

By Sue15cat
Digging on the Hillside   Sorry it's been so long since the last post.    I'm not on a 'blogging break' like so many are doing at the moment ..... well if I am it's not the sort of break I would like very often and not my idea of a 'break' at all.  We've been busy transforming our hillside into a maze of raised beds.  This picture was taken on Friday when things had just gotten underway, as you can see Suky is once again in a supervisory role.   It's heavy going, especially for Lovely Hubby to takes the strain of most of our heavy work.  I've been filling in the central bed this morning.  It's called Dad's Bed and will be the haven of loveliness in the middle of all the vegetables.  We have a lovely weeping style tree that will be in the bed and some of the plants that was in the original 'Dad's Bed' back in our last place in Reading.   Must go Lovely Hubby is due for another cup of tea to wash down the slice of homemade cake I've just made for him, my particular one man army most definitely marches on it's stomach.   Sue xx

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