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By Sue15cat
Digging   This week Lovely Hubby managed to do another trench for the polytunnel erection.  It really pays having a methodically minded engineer for a husband.  Once this polytunnel is up it will be going nowhere, neither will the soil on the hillside.  This trench is for the bottom of the net tunnel and once the anchor plates are in place in the squares yet to be dug it will eventually be filled with cement.  This I'm reliably informed will help hold the soil in place on the hillside and stop any shifting of the tunnels.   Staging the hillside this way is a big job but once it is all done the sense of achievement is going to be fantastic.  I'm full of admiration for my man.
Digging   Another much, much smaller job this weekend was to cut to size some membrane and use it to cover the beds that have now been filled with soil.  This will hopefully keep any weed seeds that are blowing around off the beds and will be used every Winter when the beds are not in use.  We are already considering designing covers that will roll back like a swimming pool cover, but that is a job for the future, in the meantime held down by big rocks we are hoping the membrane will do the job.   Sue xx

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