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Dieting On Holiday

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
As you all know, I've been doing jane plan for three months now, but as I explained before I started, I am the kind of girl who needs a bit of freedom when it comes to dieting. 
Dieting On Holiday
Ive spoken about taking a cheat day every Saturday and that has worked wonders for me without impacting my weight loss. 
My new challenge was going on holiday. I knew I wasn't going to take Jane plan with me or diet whilst away but I was careful not to overdo the calories whilst I was away. I was a bit apprehensive that I would go on holiday and then when I came home I would use it as an excuse to go back to eating badly. 
I surprised myself. I put on 5lbs whilst on holiday which wasn't catastrophic but more than that, the day after returning home I was READY to say farewell to the pizzas and martinis and say hello to Jane plan again. I took it easy and didn't go cold turkey for the first week (I had an extra 100 calorie snack per day) and then got straight back into it. 
It's just proven to me that Jane plan has changed the way I think about food and what I actually want. I remember the days when I would hate the thought of having no bread for 6 days again, but my brain seems to have retrained itself and knows what my body needs so as a result it's also what I genuinely want. 
My health has never been so good and more than physically, I feel mentally in control which is something I've longed to feel for a really long time.
Thanks Jane plan. You're truly changing my life!
H x

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