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Did Jessica Simpson Copy Christian Louboutin’s Statarata?

By Thelawsoffashion

Jessica Simpson has a powerful brand.  It is surprising because never once have I thought to myself that what she wore was worthy of copying…  Ms. Simpson must be unable to create her own unique designs, because she has come out with the Evangel, which sells for around $100 and looks eerily similar to a 2010 design from Christian Louboutin, Statarata which retails for $995.

Jessica Simpson Evangel copy of louboutin's StatarataEvangel by Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson Evangel copy of Louboutin StatarataStatarata by Christian Louboutin

The Evangel is a miniscule clunkier than the Christian Louboutin design and is lacking the well-known Christian Louboutin red sole.

Clothing and accessories are currently not protected under copyright law in the United States.  This really is too bad, because everyone deserves credit for their creations and arguably deserves profit associated with creative endeavors. Granted, Louboutin’s may be out of reach for most people, but that doesn’t make it acceptable to essentially take another’s design and sell it for much less.  Either way, I won’t be buying Jessica’s version even if I did happen to like them.  I have had two pairs of her shoes and they are wildly uncomfortable.  Believe me, your future bunionectomy isn’t worth it for cheap knockoffs.  Buy something original.

Read more at the Daily Mail: All that’s missing is the red sole! Are Jessica Simpson’s shoes a copy of Christian Louboutin design?

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