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Diary: Best Kept Secret Festival 2013

Posted on the 25 June 2013 by Amy @amzzz1984
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First festival of  my Summer Festival Marathon. I had a blast!
Best Kept Secret festival is very different to all the other festivals, it has less main stream bands, is cozy and intimate, serves good food (like seriously quality food! Which does mean that you need to budget a little more than you usually would) clean toilets (with toilet paper!!), a very clean festival ground, due to deposits on the beercups and staff that was cleaning the fields all day. The location was so idyllic, on the beach at a big lake, surrounded by woods. In the woods was a little Etsy market, and lots of swings and benches made out of wood, tree trunks and branches. The music was diverse en very good! This Indy festival had some great headliners: Damien Rice, Sigur Ros, Artic Monkeys to name a few. Also some hip hop acts and dj's where present. Also the stages (the festival had 3 stages and 1 dj booth area)  were all very different, which meant that the stages and tents suited the performing bands perfectly. Big rock bands on the main stage (Stage one) and acts like little sweet Anges Obel were in the tent, whereas more electronic music was at stage 3, which had a futuristic vibe to it. Some acts could have been programmed differently, and the stage in the tent (Stage two) should have been mad a few meters higher, or should have had videowalls.
But other then that this festival was great, specially for a first time! The music festival market in Europe is quite large, but I think Best Kept Secret is a valuable addition to summer festival calender. And I'm not just saying this because I live just a 20 minute bike-ride away.
Well: on with the marathon!! Next stop: Festival Mundial!
Well let's talk pictures:
Sitting on the festival ground with a beer, wearing gumboots due to the rain / Standing frontrow at NO! / wearing gumboots while my brother was wearing all stars... anyhow: festival footwear! / Me and my friend Marloes on the first festival day! 
The man and me going crazy 'cause of all the rain, standing in a bar-tent again, for some shelter / More festival beers / My lovely brother and me. Aren't we cute? 

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