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Diario Del Perú – Making a Limited Edition in 30 Seconds

By Flemmingbo
Normally it takes me about 30 minutes to assemble a limited edition of Diario del Perú and get it ready for shipping. I mean, I also have to drink coffee, quote Star Wars, drink coffee, talk to myself, choose the next tune in itunes, coffee, make more coffee, write one more complaint letter to George Lucas about episode 1-3, look at plane tickets, daydream — and other essential activities of procrastination – all while attempting making a book. Here’s however how to do it in 30 seconds (6 limited editions left, if you wish to purchase email me) Featured on Blurb Blurberati and Daniel ‘Smogranch’ Milnor blogs Very happy, humbled and proud to have my book featured on the Blurberati blog and me amigo Daniel Milnors Smogranch blog. Everything Daniel writes is true. I owe him for the spider. But then my 10 minute reenactment of Star Wars including every line and dialog and sound effects on a boat in the Amazon is just … priceless. My editor and friend Charlene Winfred has also written a great story about the book and work process on her blog, thanks C!   

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