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Diaper Rash Treatment Using 10 Home Remedies

By Sangeetha

How to treat severe diaper rash, how can you treat nappy rash naturally? Lets see in this post. 

Nappy or diaper rash is very common in babies. However, the very first time I saw my daughter with a diaper rash I was distressed and seeing my daughter in pain hurt me even more.

Being a first time mom I did not have much knowledge about diaper rash. So I decided to look out for the information available all around.

Since I did not wanted to use the chemical loaded rash cream, I was asking every mother around me for the natural ways of treating the rash.

Here I am, sharing with you the diaper rash treatment using 10 home remedies.

diaper rash treatment

How to identify a diaper rash?

If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash, the skin will have the following appearance changes.

  • Looks red and inflamed where it’s been in close contact with her nappy
  • Rash affecting the genitals, the outer skin on the folds of thighs and bottom
  • The affected areas can appear either dry or moist
  • Blisters

What are the causes for diaper rash or nappy rash?

The main causes of diaper rash are:

  • Exposure to a dirty diaper, either moist with urine or soiled with stool
  • Sensitivity to the diaper
  • Poorly laundered diapers
  • An allergic reaction to a product that has touched her skin, known as allergic dermatitis. But it’s rare for a baby to get it.

Allergic dermatitis could be triggered by a different brand of nappy, a new cleanser or baby wipe.

What to do if my baby develops diaper rashes?

If diaper rash is not treated on time, it can develop into something more serious like a yeast or bacterial infection, making matters worse.

If your baby has developed a rash give them as much nappy-free time as possible. This allows the air to aid healing.

Diaper rash treatment naturally with these 10 ingredients:

You can also try out these amazing natural methods to help your baby recover from the rash fast.

diaper rash treatement

#1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Hence it can be used to treat diaper rash.

It has a soothing and healing effect on the baby’s soft skin. Simply apply a thin layer to the affected area to soothe baby’s irritated skin.

Virgin coconut oil is the most efficient for diaper rashes. Read to know the procedures to make virgin coconut oil at home. You can also refer to the review of aloe veda virgin coconut oil.

#2. Boroline:

Yes, you read that right! Our good old boroline is the best diaper rash cream. It has always worked like magic on my daughter’s rash.

So next time you look for a diaper rash cream, give it a try.

#3. Breast milk:

Shocked? So was I when a relative told me about it.

Since it has no side effect, I gave it a try and guess what! It really did work. After all “mother’s milk is the best”, whether your baby drinks it or you use it for a rash.

All you have to do is rub in a few drops. Let it air dry before you put another diaper on your baby.

#4. Apple cider vinegar or White vinegar:

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar contains anti-bacterial agents which make your baby’s bottom resistant to yeast. It also helps to remove diaper smell and soap build up as the ammonia in the urine is neutralised by the vinegar.

Make a very weak vinegar solution by adding one teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar to one cup of water. Use this solution to wipe your baby’s bottom when changing the diaper.

Please make sure to dilute the vinegar always before using on baby.

#5. Baking soda:

Baking soda does not only provide soothing affect but also restores the Ph balance in the affected area.

Dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in about four cups of water. Each time you change your baby’s diaper, wash the baby’s bottom with the mixture.

Make sure to lightly pat the skin dry before putting on a clean diaper.

You can also add two tablespoons of baking soda to a tub of warm water and give your baby a bath in it for 10 minutes, three times a day.

#6. Aloe vera:

A very close friend told me about the use of aloe vera gel in diaper rash.

Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory, infection fighting properties and skin-friendly vitamin E which makes it an effective diaper rash remedy.

Slice an aloe vera leaf from the centre. Scoop out the gel and apply it on the affected area. Let it dry before putting on a fresh diaper.

You can also use store bought gel but make sure it is safe to use on baby’s skin. You can also refer to the review of Rustic art aloevera gel.

#7. Olive oil:

Olive oil is considered to be very good for the skin at any age.

Make a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and water, mix it thoroughly and apply on the diaper rash.

The olive oil emulsion if used this way, forms a protective coating on the skin which will prevent the penetration of acidic urine into the baby’s skin.

According to my neighbor this is supposedly a very effective natural cure for diaper rash as it worked really well for her son.

#8. Vaseline:

Yes our little dubba of petroleum jelly too can work wonders for nappy rash. When applied on baby’s skin, it forms a water proof layer between the diaper and the skin.

You can dab a little of the Vaseline after every diaper change and leave baby diaper free till it is dried up.

#9. Oats:

Wondering how oats can help your baby from diaper rash?

Oats are rich in proteins which soothes the baby skin. Saponin is a skin beneficial compound found in oatmeal.

Add 1 to 2 tablespoon of oats to baby’s bath water. Once its soaked with water, gently apply on rashes. Wash off after a few minutes, DO NOT rub.

Continue using this treatment twice a day for 3 to 4 days. The diaper rash will heal fast and skin will clear out.

#10. Sunlight:

The most inexpensive of all the home remedies for treatment of diaper rash is the sunlight.

Sun is the best disinfectant for baby clothes and diapers. Leave your baby diaper free and let him play in sunlight every day.

Sun bleaching is the best anti-bacterial bleach for your baby’s diapers.

In the West, corn starch has been used for treatment of diaper rash. Though it absorbs moisture, corn starch is found to be aggravating yeast infection. Hence it might be wise to avoid using corn starch for treating nappy rash in babies.

Next time your little one suffers from that nappy rash, go chemical free and do try out these natural ways.

Do let me know in comments which remedy worked best for your baby

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