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Diamones Book Review

By Levyingkishan
Diamones Book Review


“These things never happened, but they are always.”      ~Sallustius“Deorum naturae neque factae sunt; quae enim semper sunt, numquamfiunt: semper vero sunt.Life is very uncertain and in the path is always unknown. And we can always expect the unexpected in our lives. There is but one thing that is certain, death. It is again Hope that keeps mankind in the hunt towards a better future and to believe in the impossible which helps in imagining things and converting them into reality.

We don’t care what happens to the world until unless we are a part of it and worse if something bad happen to us. And then all of a sudden we realize how important life is and how much we miss our loved ones.The world is a beautiful place to live in and also scary for the future is unpredictable. Things can be delusional and can be no longer the same, the way it was last night or the last day.Mary and Dan are a happy couple, but things turn upside down when they wake up one morning. There is an eerie feeling all around their house, and it seems as if silence reins the place. Dan finds out the horror that has happened the previous night as the village they live in has turned into a cemetery. Everyone is dead except Dan, Mary and their daughter Annah.

Diamones Book Review
The story describes the horror they undergo and the way they fit into the new society of the dead and their hunt for survivors. The novel describes beautifully the scenarios and the circumstances that any living being would have felt had he been a part of the same situation. The way they adapt and train themselves for the uncertainty and the how they are enlightened about their purpose in this world by the creatures created by Massimo Marino is to watch out for.

The novel is a class in itself and the audacity with which it describes the human emotions in times of uncertainty is one of its kinds. A great novel, that sets itself class apart.

I am very thankful to Massimo Marino for considering me to review the book “Diamones” Vol.1 of the Diamones Triology. A must but book and you can also read his next book in the triology, “Once Humans”, Vol.2 of The Daimones Triology and “The Rise of the Phoenix”, Vol.3 of The Daimones Triology.

Diamones Book Review
About the Author

Massimo Marino comes from a scientist background: He spent years at CERN, in Switzerland, and at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, in California, followed by lead positions with Apple, Inc., and the World Economic Forum.
Diamones Book Review

Massimo currently lives in France and crosses the border with Switzerland multiple times daily."Daimones" is based on people experience and facts with an added "what if" to provide an explanation to current and past events. It is his first novel.If interested in more details about Massimo Marino, please see his full profile on Linkedin: with Massimo Marino:Twitter:’s website:

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