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Diamond Particles and Candles

By Ngscents @ngscents

Diamond Particles and Candles


You know what they say… “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and now in retrospect, so are candles!!!

The other day, I was googling.  I know, I know, you are probably not surprised!  But, I was and I stumbled upon this really interesting article.  Let me give you a little teaser as to why you will never view a burning candle the same way again.

“You have the glittering beauty of gold and silver, and the still higher luster of jewels, like the ruby and diamond; but none of these rival the brilliancy and beauty of flame.  What diamond can shine like flame?”

-Michael Faraday   Scientist/Lecturer- The Chemical History of a Candle circa 1860

We all know that candles have been in existence for many years.  The candle has actually dated back some 2,000 years.  The invention of the first candle was accredited to ancient China.  Thank you ancient China!  Since that time, for many people, there has always been an infatuation with the candle flame and its alluring and captivating dance.

Well, as it turns out, Dr. Zhou, a Professor of Chemistry has recently found that diamond particles actually exist in the flames of a burning candle.  The notion of why we are drawn to candle flames can now be explained.  Candle flames are much like sirens, calling us to get lost in their essence.  Now, one of the big questions has been solved.

In a candle flame, there are actually two different kinds of diamonds, although they are in nonoparticle and fullerenic particle form.  According to Dr. Zhou’s research there are 1.5 million diamond particles that are created for every second that a candle wick has a burning flame.  Now, hold on ladies, don’t get too excited.  The diamond particles are burned off.  Sadly, in order for the flame to stay that way, the burning process must keep going, turning the diamond particles into carbon dioxide.

Dr. Zhou also found that inside the center of a candle flame, there exists all 4 forms of carbon.  This finding is very fascinating because all four forms of carbon need different circumstances in order for their creation.   It is quite a mystery as to how this can be, but I know that I am happy knowing that my candle flames are diamond creators.  It takes crafting pretty things to a whole new level.

All of this information is great fun facts to use while promoting your candles.

One fabulous idea in container candles to really take it to the next level would simply be to extend the sparkle and beauty inside the flame to the outside.  After a candle has been poured, set up, and cured, take glue and carefully cover the outside of the candle glass.  Stay away from the opening, because you do not want to make a fire hazard.  This would not be a pretty thing.  Then, while the glue is still wet, roll it carefully in glitter.  I prefer a silver or white small grade glitter to produce a diamond sparkle that will be unmatched by other candles on the market.  Do not over glue.  I found that what works best is to squirt the glue in a paper towel, and wipe the outside of the glass down.  This will prevent the weight of the glue pulling and collecting at the base of the container.  Also, if you have patches of unglitterized surface let the candle glass dry as is, and simply touch up the glue in the area and sprinkle glitter to your liking.  Finally, add a cute thick ribbon, preferable hot pink to really hit the aspect of femininity home, and start selling away!

So, flicker away flames.  We will now sit back and awe in your wonderful luster and appeal.    

Diamond Particles and Candles

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