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Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Risk, Treatment

By Maryjrichard @maryjrichard
OverviewDiabetes is usually termed as diabetes mellitus by most of the doctors, which is basically a group of metabolic diseases, which causes a person a high blood glucose or blood sugar owing to the improper insulin production or due to the fact that the cells of body do not often respond right to insulin and both the things. The patients of diabetes or high blood sugar levels will usually experience with the issues like frequent urination (polyuria), hunger (polyphagia) and frequent feeling for thirst (polydipsia). Now, let us dig in deep into this medical ailment along with checking symptoms, causes, risks and treatment options as under:Diabetes
SymptomsA person suffering from diabetes or on the verge of having the same can experience a number of symptoms. These include blurry vision, fatigue, frequent urination tendency, weight loss, hunger and excess thirst. As Type II diabetes is seen developing slowly and steadily, however, some people having higher kind of sugar levels are not seen with any kind of symptoms. For symptoms of Type I diabetes is seen developing over a shorter amount of time. However, when it is diagnosed people suffering from this menace can be in a bad shape. With this medical ailment, one can develop a number of serious issues. These can include eye problems, damages in nerves over the body, fragile immune system, kidney issues, heart strokes, etc. Diabetes SymptomsCauses Pancreas produce hormones called insulin, which further helps in regulating the blood sugar. The issue of diabetes can be caused with little amount of insulin and resistance to insulin or even both. If you are keen to understand this ailment of diabetes, it is really vital to first understand the usual procedure though which the foods are divided further using your body’s energy. There are number of things that are supposed to be digested when you eat food. The hormone called insulin play a vital role in moving glucose inside the bloodstream, which further moves to the fats, muscles and cells of the liver, wherein these are stored like a fuel. However, the people with the issue of diabetes fail to pass on this energy to organs like liver, muscles and fats. Diabetes CausesTreatmentThe ailment of diabetes cannot be treated but regulated with making a couple of lifestyle changes like body weight loss, eating healthy foods and doing a number of things. Some of the kinds of type 2 diabetes issues can be reduced with the help of weight loss surgery. Well, there is no complete cure for both the types of diabetes. However, in order to get the right amount of control over the blood sugar levels that help in reducing the complications due to kidney disease, nervous system disease, eye disease and heart strokes. In order to combat diabetes issues, make sure you consultant a competitive doctor on a frequent basis and follow the instructions of the doctor. There are number of resources on the web, which can help in understanding more about this ailment and manage the conditions and thus prevent any other complication. Diabetes TreatmentRisk factors As per research and medical experts fail to understand why people are seen developing type 2 diabetes and issues like pre-diabetes, while others fails to understand. There are certain risk factors, which can inflate the issue of diabetes, which include overweight, inactivity, family history, race, age, gestational diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, high blood pressure, triglyceride levels and abnormal cholesterol.   Diabetes Risk FactorsConclusion
Diabetes is a menace for people who get it in their life. Though there is no age group for getting this ailment, however, it is often found among the people beyond the age of forty especially the ones with strong history about it. Ironically, it has no permanent solution but can be often regulated with doing a couple of things. READ MORE: TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DIABETES

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