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DHS Training Video Depicts Gun-owning Militia as Terrorists

Posted on the 02 May 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

Jihadist Muslims perpetrated countless terrorist attacks in the United States, from 9/11 to to the 4/15 Boston Marathon bombings, but you wouldn’t know that from the Obama regime’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For President Lucifer, it’s gun-owners and Christians who are the extremist terrorists.

Patriot News Organization has uncovered a DHS training video that is in the format of a (fake) TV “Special Report” depicting a SWAT team descending on a home to arrest an “extremist” militia who owned “illegal firearms” and were “planning terrorism.”

DHS video
DHS video1
DHS video2

Note that:

  • Militias are perfectly lawful Constitutional groups. In fact, the American Revolution for independence was begun by militias.
  • The militia in the DHS video hadn’t actually committed a terrorist act, but were arrested for “illegal” gun ownership.

Ryan Keller reports for, April 26, 2013:

The YouTube channel Patriot News Organization on Thursday uploaded a training video from the Department of Homeland Security that depicts a fake news broadcast about a police SWAT team raiding an American house and arresting “extremist” members of a “local militia group” for possession of illegal firearms and planning to commit terrorist attacks.

“Very disturbing video straight from DHS website – they use it to help train all of the deputized agencies during a crisis, even hospital administrators, media faces, everything and everyone that would be involved in such an event,” reads the Patriot News Organization’s description of the video.

Exactly when the video was made is unclear, but the video description links to a DHS website featuring documents that were uploaded in 2009 and 2012.

In the video, a fake local news anchor comes on the screen with breaking news.

“Reports of possible illegal activity by a local militia group appears to have spurred law enforcement into action,” the anchor says.

The video then cuts to “John Gleason” at the site in front of a house with fake fire fighters and SWAT officers swarming the area.

“This is the scene of an intensive investigation into the operations of an extremist group reportedly planning a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. cities,” Gleason says. “Details are sketchy, but allegedly the militia was using this house to store a cache of military weapons.”

While he says this, an image of an officer dressed in explosive-proof gear is shown heading into the house.

Gleason then says that the FBI and “other agencies” are on the scene, and that police raided the house of two men for “illegal possession of firearms, but they apparently found more than they were bargaining for.” As Gleason says this, SWAT officers are shown hauling two typical looking men from the house.

“Get him out of here!” an officer is heard shouting, and another one runs toward the cameraman waving his hand and shouting, “backup, backup, backup!” and the video ends.

The DHS has long been suspected of gearing up to fight Americans. The agency has released documents describing conservatives, libertarians, people who distrust the federal government, people who oppose illegal immigration, who oppose the Federal Reserve and who support gun rights, among other things, as potential terrorists and “domestic extremists.”

The agency has further stoked fears by purchasing nearly 2 billion rounds of mostly hollow point ammunition, 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles, nearly 3,000 mine-resistant MRAP vehicles and $2 million worth of paper targets depicting Americans, including women and children.

Last month, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis admitted that the DHS spies on “anti-government” Americans.

While trying to clear up “misconceptions” that the agency is spying on all Americans, he admitted that they only observe “domestic terrorism and certain groups that are anti-government. We want to kind of take a look at that and receive that information.”

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