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Deva Str3am Water Filter Kitchen Tap

By Futli @futlim
The Deva stream water filter kitchen tap isa great little design, it provides both hot and cold water plus filtereddrinking water in one, the filter needs to be changed every six months and costaround £35 which is not bad considering how much monthly standard water filterscost plus you do not need a water vessel to store it in. The kitchen tap itself looksgreat and costs just under £200 including VAT on the Discounted Heating websitewhich is fantastic value for money in my opinion. Deva Str3am Water Filter Kitchen Tap

DevaStr3am Water Filter Kitchen Tap Product Details

• Dual Purpose, Combines Hot, Cold and FilteredDrinking Water in a Single Kitchen Mono Mixer

• Drinking Water Outlet is Filtered by a DevaWater Filter (Filter001)
• Replacement Filter Needed Every 6 Months
• Minimum Pressure Required 0.5 Bar

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