Determined Indetermination

Posted on the 15 April 2021 by Ourallotment @OurAllotment

 We have been up to the allotment over the past few days, our lass has been very busy moving her babies along from one tray to the next, hardening off in the cold frame, also making the cold frame as mouse proof as possible. I on the other hand have been a bit lax with posting on here and thought a slight change is in order. We can still post about our adventures down our allotment but drop the day (number) part. Almost seems like a diary from prison or in a far flung land waiting for salvation, when the allotment itself continues to be our salvation.

The title comes from not always knowing everything in life, it seems potatoes and tomatoes for that matter can be determinate (make all their tubers or fruits in one level above the originating seed tuber or all in one go in the case of tomatoes or they can be indeterminate which means they grow tubers or fruits along the main stem of the plant. With potatoes you can continually earth up and in theory get as many levels of potatoes as the stem grows up the tower you grow them in. Tomatoes will have ripened fruit at the bottom and graduations of its fruit as you work the way to the top of the plant. Didn't know this little fact and slightly annoyed when you watch most of the gardening programmes talking about earthing up and getting more from the crop. This explains when viewing neighbouring allotments and they have several buckets already full of soil with the new potato inside. You learn something new all the time so will help with formulating the growing of potatoes for next year.

Our lass spotted a green man plaque on a recent trip to the garden centre, Wiki info on Green Man all about the green man / woman, I could write waffle but why not follow the link to wiki. It looks good and hopefully bring us good fortunes for the year ahead.

Determined indetermination

Our new plaque

Determined indetermination

Our lasses full green house

Determined indetermination

We need the frosts to go, so our lass can plant.

Determined indetermination

Will it be beat it or bye bye baby for the beetroot

Determined indetermination

One potato, Two potato, Three potato, more. Well 14 rows and 4 gray buckets and a recycling bucket. Potatoes are more than sorted.

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