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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
 The sky might be spitting slush and my entire house is infected with strep throat,  but I couldn't be happier.   This shit happened today, from a crappy little sketch I drew...(just ignore the unpainted shingles). team Ryan-Brent-Carmon you rock Details  The name of the my game was called:  "Detract from the Pizza Hut roofline and draw attention to the round window and break up the long ass run of house with a shape that kind of looks like an outdoor fireplace"
I am thinking its working. No? Is it just the penicillin fog I 'm in? Does it look weird? You can tell me.   Details  Exterior bead-board going next to the front door to tie it all together. Details and to sustain my giddiness we passed inspections today and plaster happens this weekend. walls. fresh new walls.
back with a real post about how not to screw up a stencil once I can form big sentences again. peace and antibiotics!

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