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Designer Radiators

By Futli @futlim

I am really impressed with the prices on the Discounted Heating website fordesigner radiators, in particular, one I think offers quality, style and great valuefor money is the Stelrad Caliente designer radiator range combiningboth the modern and contemporary style radiators with a traditional finish, ithas a clever design that allows for higher heat outputs (BTU’s) using a tube ontube method and is available in a selection of sizes in both vertical andhorizontal designs.

Designer Radiators

Stelrad Caliente DC 594 x 1000mm Horizontal Radiator

Product Details
• Height: 594mm
• Width: 1000mm
• Watts: 1211
• BTUS: 4132
• Colour: White
• Stylish tube on tube design
• High quality construction and paint finish – alljoints have rounded edges
• Double Tube

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