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Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz Design

By Mecamckinney @jypseadotcom
Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz DesignPLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF.
My name is Vanessa Wells. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I attended college at the University of Cincinnati in the school of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning). I majored in Interior Design and graduated in June 2012.
HOW DID YOU GET STARTED ON YOUR CREATIVE PATH? I started on my creative path when I was probably 4 or 5 years old. That was when I first learned to draw. My dad taught me how to draw a pig and ever since then I was interested in art and design. I entered art contests in elementary school and had my art displayed at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, took all the art classes I could take, and eventually (my sophomore year of high school) decided that I wanted to pursue interior design. Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz Design
WHAT DO YOU CREATE?  Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz DesignA lot of things really. But based on the definition of an interior design, I guess first and foremost, I would say interiors that are suitable for human interaction. I create residential, hospitality, commercial, and event interiors. I do this by conceptually coming up with an idea for a space, and once I sketch it out I put it in AutoCAD to make a floorplan. Depending on the extent of the project, I can either leave it at the floor plan stage, or create a 3D model for presentation purposes and to allow people to get a feel for the space that they may not understand on a 2D level. But from getting into interior design in college, I picked up other design skills along the way which has allowed me to create in plethora of other fields of design. I do graphic design, I still draw and sketch from time to time, and if I am feeling creative and have the free-time, I will just mess around and create work in Photoshop or Illustrator. 
WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO CREATE?  Everything! I can grab inspiration from anywhere! I will say that moving to New York has allowed me to experience so many different atmospheres, people, and cultures. Since interior design is highly concerned with the human experience, I value this city for allowing me to see those things. I am a junkie for color, and Harlem and Brooklyn in the summer time is a sight to be seen! Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz Design
HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO MAKE A LIVING BY BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE SELF?  Starting my own freelancing service allows me to do what I love to do and get paid for it. I started freelancing in September of last year and created a brand and website for my services, rouz, this year. I do everything from interior design work, to branding, to graphic layouts. I also work for a high-end residential interior design firm, so I am able to be creative in that realm as well, but just on a smaller scope.
WHAT NEW PROJECTS ARE YOU WORKING ON?  Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz DesignIn the freelance realm, I am constantly working on image boards for one of my clients who is a wedding/event planner. I create the boards to allow the couple to see what they imagine their wedding to be. The boards have various themes from Nautical to Audrey Hepburn. In my full-time job, I am working on a new apartment and office located near Central Park West.
HOW CAN PEOPLE FIND & SUPPORT YOUR WORK? People can view my work by checking out my website for my freelancing service, rouz at!
Designer Profile: Vanessa Wells of Rouz Design ANY ADVICE FOR ASPIRING CREATIVES? Do what makes you happy. The benefits of doing what you love will be far greater than the money in the long run. As creative people we typically dream vividly and aspire for great things. Listen to your dreams.

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