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Design Rooms – Create the Perfect Atmosphere

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

design rooms – create the perfect atmospherePerfect room
Make a list of what you need recording capacity. Do you need space, you can escape, watch TV, or just sleep function? a bed is needed or storage space made? Do you like to do research? Be realistic about what you can get into the space you have.
the plan
Start with a program of structural components are characterized, like the fireplace, windows and doors - basically problems that can not be moved. Then experiment with any position of the important parts - bed, cabinets, chests, remember that just want to open space for the drawers in the bed and walk
Go To bigger bed, you will be able to. The lack of a partner is the most common trigger insomnia. What, where to place them on the apparent head pick-and-place against a wall, but the little lateral thinking can, at no charge to the large square on the wall. Try moving your bed in the middle of the room and the wall behind a closet with sliding doors. Even if you do not believe in Feng Shui it is much better plan the space for your bed is not suitable behind the door, as is the room really can feel very close.
The integrated option
As floor furniture capacity is mounted on the ceiling, there is really no gaps. This usually means less dust and probably makes the most difficult areas such as sloping ceilings. Even after using the full height of the wall, you will be able to add valuable storage space for small items like hats and employees make beds. What many men and women as a room on the climbs may be the opportunity to choose their own coordinate system.
The independent option
If you like the poster (and portability) of wardobes and independent safes, believed to have internal connections you want. Search with clothes and choose what could be valuable - drawers for folding bridges, shoe shelves and hanging space for full length evening dresses and winter coats. Enjoy the trend, pieces of customization to get the right combination and explore what you need. For example BoConcept sells not only in different sizes chests and cabinets, you can also choose handles, legs and wood finishes.
Chest closet
If you go for a selection or together, the secret to a relaxivity through doors can be. While a lot of time to prepare for the chest to spend as it does with the cabinet decision. You will be amazed at how a number of additional farm possible double hanging rails keep height until drawers with dividers and completely removable drawers that can be included in an ideal position to items in the back. Ikea and also sell the business holding good space-saving accessories.
The flooring
Because their capacity significantly much less visitors than the other rooms get, you can have a lot more texture of the carpet - like a hair loop - and lighter shades collection you can use below. Wood floors - solid or engineering - and laminates are increasingly common in recording capacity and could be combined with underfloor heating. If you are not sure about the minimalist look, providing comfort through a high-pile carpet, following the bed to acquire

Do not let the lighting of the target - if to hit mainly he added you go or want sconces fit. The simple rule is that the room strongly in the morning and evening should be air. to achieve an attenuator and buying lamps help assembling your balance. You can also use lighting to highlight the features, for example, front-line units with discrete downlights low voltage.
the points of view
Its capacity is an area where you shoot in a position to take the reins, to give your character, do not be afraid to follow a diet to try that one could be in the living room a lot. Glamour works well, with strong colors and components such as furniture glam metal mirror and white leather. Or opt for dark woods for intelligent adults.
The atmosphere
Remember that your ability should be a place where you really feel relaxed. This way you can have a great night sleep many more opportunities. If you need a TV or PC capacity, build essentially the gap between them and their sleeping position he could. Ideally, is really effective are constructed so they are able to be hidden when not in use.

Room furniture and custom library

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