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Design: Day Trip

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

What a week it has been!  A very exciting, exhausting week.

I wanted to share some cool things I found on a recent fieldtrip to one of my favorite resources….sorry, it’s a secret.  But isn’t this stuff amazing?

antigue and vintage doors

I have a serious fantasy about building an entire house around doors like these.  Aside from the interesting shapes and details (and the obvious awesomeness of the size), the layers of paint tell a great story of life.

Antique Wooden Columns

I love repurposing old items so I was already sketching tables and kitchen islands in my head as soon as I saw these.  What would you do with them?

antique armoire with cage bars

This armoire reminds me of vintage circus cages, which I am opposed to but it’s totally okay in this case.  I think a collection of fossils and other artifacts would look great on display in this piece.

antique oil drum as table

I know this is a truly terrible pic but I still had to show you – those painted metal cylinders are antique oil drums and they rock my world.  Talk about form and function, these pieces are the perfect size for side tables or to set on top of a low table for decoration (but really for storage).

Peace yo.

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