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Design CV & Cover Letter Presentation

By Luciano
Design CV & Cover letter presentation Dear friends,
lately I wrote about all mistakes to avoid in preparing and sending your mini portfolio to a car design studio. Today I would like to remind you that your Design CV (editorial graphics) is also very important as wall as how and what you write in you Cover Letter.
Cover Letter
It is not for joke that I am publishing this cover letter sample...believe it or  not I went through 4 like this one during the last month at work. Worst thing is that all of them were sent directly to the big boss office...he did not read them and asked me and another colleague to read them and evaluate the mini book associated.
The question is: how can we even think for a second that sending a cover letter like this one can be a winning strategy to get a positive attention and consideration? When we receive letters like this one very often we do not even read them until the is frustrating to read 2 or 3 hand written pages trying to decoding unreadable words!
In general your CV + Cover Letter will be scanned in less that 20 seconds!
Covel Letter content:
Do not be arrogant!
I get mad when I read things like: " Dear sir I have a new Design Philosophy  that has been copied by "Y" after my last college presentation as you can see in my portfolio...looking at the production car here the same elements from my model...
Do not forget that production cars have been designed probably when you were attending your first year of school learning how to draw cubes and cones in perspective!
Another aspect that really bothers me and my colleagues is when we receive Cover Letters + mini book by email and this mail is not sent only to us but to other design directors from other car companies, too! Can you believe it?
In conclusion do not make those mistakes because you will be banned! To write well and professionally look for good references or ask your teachers at school or click: Cover Letter samples!
Design CV & Cover letter presentationDesign your CV
As we said before it takes about 20 seconds to scan your CV so you have to make sure that the most important infos will be seen during those 20 seconds!
Writing a CV you must be careful to 2 things: the order of your content and the CV design to give value  to yourself and be perceived as a professional.
First find the right CV structure  that matches your style and also your content, apply your content using a correct chronological order.
Do not forget to write first most recent experiences like your BS or Design Diploma and older ones at the end.
Here a good reference to write a good CV with lots os different styles click: Professional CV samples

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