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Design: A Day in the Life of Luxury

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Yesterday I got to spend my afternoon at the luxurious Four Seasons Biltmore resort in Santa Barbara.  I went nut-so over this place; No detail went overlooked in the interior design.  Built in 1927, this is classic Mission architecture and I Loooove it.

View of Channel Drive from Biltmore Santa Barbara

An ocean view from the patio

Unfortunately for you, my pictures turned out pure crap due to my inability to operate a camera and the harsh contrast between the bright sunny sky (shining through walls of glass everywhere you turn) and the dark, romantic interior.  Alas, this poor excuse of a photo was salvaged from my phone because I simply could not skip pointing this out.  These are the air vents throughout the building – no cheap looking metal grates here, no sir.

Architectural Detail Biltmore Hotel Santa Barbara

It would be mean not to show a couple good pics, so here are some professional shots of this lovely place…trust me, it looks even more like this in person


Entrance to the Biltmore Santa Barbara

Images from http://www.fourseasons.com/santabarbara

This was the side entrance, which you come upon after walking through several dramatic archways.  What I love most is those thick wood doors, with intricately carved posts and no glass (because there’s no such thing as bad weather).  Loving that sunny yellow.

Biltmore Hotel Lounge Santa Barbara

Hallway lounge

This photo is well done, but kind of misses the gloriousness of the details that I loved so much.  Like the gorgeous chevron patterned wood ceiling with rustic exposed beams.  And the textiles appear a little dated here but were quite the the opposite – lush and inviting antique fabrics – the place is filled with antiques.   Very warm and romantic!

I don’t think I need to explain why I could spend a few hours in here…

Bar at Biltmore Santa Barbara

In the lobby, look over to the right, where you’ll see a fresco of an old world map behind the check-in counter.  Yum.

Biltmore Interior Lobby with Mural

image from 2blowhards.com

Okay, I’m waiting to get some photos I took from another camera so I promise there will be an update with a few other cool spaces soon.  Stay tuned.

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