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Desert Mermaid

By Elizabethfrank

It is said that Christopher Columbus spotted mermaids while exploring the Caribbean. They inhabit the dreams and myths of cultures all over the world. Here is a mermaid story that you might not have heard before...
In the Sonoran desert where water is scarce rare creatures emerge in the puddles and pools after a rainstorm. Their lifespans sometimes last just a few days. Once the water dries up they disappear as quickly as they came. Most common to appear in the temporary pools of water are the desert frogs and fish. Shown here is one of the rarest of the desert creatures-a Desert Mermaid.
Her head is an antique Tin Minerva doll with the original blue glass eyes, Her body is carved wood. The arms are articulated so they bend up and down at the elbow. The hands are made with antique porcelain doll parts. Each flower and thorn is delicately carved and painted. The antique doll face has been coated with a varnish to preserve the paint. The entire piece is finished with wax.
12"h x 7"w x 3"d

Desert Mermaid

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