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Deptford Murals (2)

By Carolineld @carolineld
Deptford murals (2)A wall on Deptford Broadway is the home of Deptford Marbles. Its creator, Artmongers, say
The starting point of this artwork was to turn the pillars on the wall from obstacles to features, creating a landscape reminiscent of a stonehenge or a set of dominoes. On this old Roman road, the mural is a reminder of time passing and how it changes everything humans build.
Unfortunately, the explanation adds to the feeling that this is an opportunity slightly missed. Although the mural is pleasant enough, the trompe l'oeil effect is fun, and I rather like the birds, there is little sense of place. A slight allusion to the Broadway's past as part of a Roman road is not a real engagement with either the history or the cultural diversity of the area. Which raises the question, just how should murals relate to their location?
Deptford murals (2)

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