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Depression is More Than Just Temporary Unhappiness Or Going Through a Rough State Of Mind

By Alexapoblete

Most of us occasionally experience downswings in mood or “blues” which are usually reactions to the struggles, obstacles and failures in life. We often tend to cite these feelings as depression. But depression is more than just temporary unhappiness or going through a rough state of mind. Depression can be best defined as a state of moderate or severe mood disorder, and is accompanied by unceasing spells of sadness and loss of interest in daily activities.Depression is More Than Just Temporary Unhappiness Or Going Through a Rough State Of Mind
Common Reasons for Depression

The causes of depression are vast and quite difficult to enumerate. Individuals suffering from neglect, abuse, deprivation, etc at an early age experience depression later in the course of life. A number of medical illnesses like heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and Parkinson's disease can also trigger depression in the patients. Some of the common reasons for depression include loneliness, postpartum anxiety, menopause, unemployment, problems at workplace, social rejections, bullying, death of or separation from a loved one, relationship troubles and drug abuse. Pessimistic people with lack of confidence are bound to suffer from depression.

Some Typical Symptoms

Although depression varies individually, there are some typical symptoms which help to determine whether a person is a victim of depression or not. Hoewever, these symptoms can often be mistaken as signs of normal blues usually experienced by everyone, unless they are stronger andconsiderably frequent. 

Depression is More Than Just Temporary Unhappiness Or Going Through a Rough State Of Mind

  •  Irregular sleeping patterns, either insomnia, or hypersomnia.
  •  Loss of appetite or overeating leading to loss or gain of weight.
  •  Lack of concentration or inability to focus in daily activities or hobbies.
  •  Frivolous behavior.
  •  Anxiety, irritability, bleak attitude, and hopelessness.
  •  Severe self-criticism and feelings of worthlessness.
  •  Suicidal thoughts and attempts.
  •  Difficulty in doing simpler tasks due to extreme physical weariness.
  •  Sudden fits of anger and agitation.
  •  Inexplicable body aches and digestive problems.
Psychiatric Counselling as a Solution to DepressionOne of the most popular methods of treating depression is psychiatric counseling or psychological “pep” talks. Sometimes people suffering from depression just feel the need to discuss their problems frankly with someone who will help them to find solutions. Psychologists and psychiatric counsellors aim at treating depressed individuals by allowing them to thoroughly express the difficulties and troubles that they are facing in life, and pinpointing the major causes. They can help the patients to form an optimistic view of life and future, so as to reduce feelings of hopelessness and helpnessness. Sufferers may also be able to interact better with people around them after counseling sessions.If you are in Bondi Junction, NSW, and suffering from depression, take help of Jade Couquax, a professional yet a very friendly psychologist in Bondi.

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