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Department of Amphibological Research

Posted on the 02 July 2018 by Matteofarinella

Department of Amphibological Research

After a whole year spent studying and writing about science communication this month I’m taking a holiday and to compensate I’m doing a bit of science ‘misinterpretation’.

Tomorrow I’m heading to DiNaCon, the digital naturalism conference based in beautiful Ko Lon, Thailand. Together with Undercurrent Design we started a fictional research department which uses image recognition to ‘discover’ imaginary species and produce whimsical illustrations.

We already did some tests and it was a lot of fun, check them out:

I’m really looking forward to spend some time drawing, relaxing on the beach and meet the other artists on the island. But don’t worry – you can collaborate with us too! We would love to receive submissions from all over the world and maybe even collaborate with other illustrators who want to play this digital game of telephone. Get in touch if you are interest. I’ll be back to real science in a couple of weeks.

Department of Amphibological Research
Paratoxodera florita

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