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Dennis De Rochemont: By The Orchard

Posted on the 05 December 2022 by Hctf @hctf
Dennis de Rochemont

Dennis de Rochemont makes a living writing music for films and commercial. He felt the need to break out of his comfort zone and go for longer pieces, uninhibited by the demands of a third party. On his debut album By The Orchard he lets the music flow, moving from one piece to the next in a continuous stream of conscience. He laid the groundwork for the nine instrumentals by recording his piano in his bedroom before setting up shop in producer Simon Akkermans' Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studios in Rotterdam to add acoustic guitar parts and a sprinkling of analog synths.

De Rochemont's gentle touch and good ear for inserting small motifs put By The Orchard on the brink of the mainstream: neo-classical musings with a hint of jazz and ambient that get the listener on the wrong foot, but in a good way. Naming Chopin, Bill Evans, Radiohead, and Ravel as sources of inspiration, he makes complicated music sound easy and accessible, but there is always an edge. He uses it as an alternative way to communicate, when words failed him. There is a sadness bubbling under the surface in tracks like Futile Fairytales and Querencia. Mental issues are covered in the closing track Manic, a beautiful conversation between guitar and piano.

By The Orchard is a multifaceted gem, deserving undivided attention to fully appreciate the textures and out-of-the-box compositional tricks and treats.

Dennis de Rochemont: By The Orchard

By The Orchard is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Piano players can grab a free download of the score for By Limiting Beliefs.

  1. Futile Fairytales
  2. Sequence
  3. Sadies Flowers
  4. Two to Three
  5. Querencia
  6. A Sadness Shield
  7. Howls and Growls
  8. By Limiting Beliefs
  9. Manic

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