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Demolition Man

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

I didn’t tell you guys but when the work at my job started to dry up in the holiday months, I also started having some legal things going on with the company I worked with (seems like I’m always involved in something legal, doesn’t it?).

And so dudes, I started looking for a new job and I found one. The pay is twice as much (!) as the place I was at and I actually get benefits. Sweet deal, right?

Here’s the thing – it’s a job doing demolition on the interior of buildings.

The Upside of Being a Demolition Man

I get to break things!

We use hammers, sawzalls, and torches to bust down walls, wreck ceilings, and destroy the inside of buildings. Pretty awesome, dudes! And did I mention the paycheck?

Of course you can’t just start swinging a hammer like a lunatic, there is a way to do things right. And I know how to do that. So it’s a sweet job!

Behold my demolition work:

The Downside of Being a Demolition Man

It’s a tough physical labor job. It’s harder on you than being a carpenter or welder, which is what I was at my last job.

You get cut, bruised, scratched, and scraped every day.

Behold the stitches I had to get yesterday:

Stiches_physical injury
And respiratory stuff is a problem. There’s particulate stuff in the air that gives demolition men a life expectancy of 55. Yeah, you read right, 55. Not so great.

I’m hoping to put in my time at the new company (which is honestly a great company, more honest than my last one!) and move up the ranks a little so that maybe I can not die at 55 from respiratory illness.

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