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Dementia And Giggle Must Go Hand And Hand

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Well, it seems my blog will now take a turn from caring for kids 24/7 to caring for the kids and my Grandmother. As of last Wednesday she now resides here with us. It wasn't a huge move. Just across the yard for her. Her mentality doesn't allow her to even realize where she is. She thinks she's in a facility and that my name is Sheila. I have no clue why she calls me Sheila. :/Nights are the worst. She is up and down a lot and extremely confused. Last night our conversation went something like this:
Granny: What's your name?
Me: Kathy 
Granny: I should be able to remember that. I have a granddaughter named Kathy. 
Kathy: I am your granddaughter. 
Granny: Oh mercy. I have two granddaughters named Kathy?!?!
I have to find the humor in some of this situation. I positively DO NOT want her in a nursing facility yet. Not as long as I can take care of her here without her safety being jeopardized. 
The kids are enjoying her company and I think it's important that they spend some quality time with her right now. Her mentality comes and goes. At times she knows us and is clearer then others. And those times are important to all of us. Just before bed time tonight I was tucking her in. She was already confused. She has been all of today. I told her once again who I was and that she would be staying with me a while. For a moment she was clear headed and said "I proud your my granddaughter". I think it's the single greatest thing anyone has ever said to me. Dementia And Giggle Must Go Hand And HandPretty sure they are up to no good here.  Dementia And Giggle Must Go Hand And HandGracie has traded me in for Granny. 
On another important note, Evyn started school again. Yes, he started in August but he was a dropout. So we are trying again. He seems to love it all except getting up at 6:30. Dementia And Giggle Must Go Hand And Hand

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