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Delightful Doodling

By Dolci @dolcimirabella
Delightful DoodlingLately, I have been doodling a lot. It's relaxing and fun. There's another element about this that I have discovered. The act of doodling stimulates the brain in a big way. Whether I choose to try a Zentangle or do a free-form doodle of flowers, faces, colors and contrasts I find that my mind feels great!
Delightful DoodlingWhat's hard to understand is that others don't bother to try it. Admittedly, I never did, not until I gave my self permission to start playing. Sometimes, the results are random and abstract.
Delightful DoodlingOther results surprise and amaze me!
Delightful DoodlingMany can be left unfinished. The nice thing is that I can always go back and do more, add details and sparkle.Thank you for looking :)Leave a comment!

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