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Decoupage Easter Eggs

By Nclark
These decoupage eggs are just perfect for decorating!!  I saw this idea on Martha Stewart's website and just had to try it. 
The only wood eggs I was able to find at our local craft stores were chicken eggs - but they did the trick!  In the future, I will definitely be searching for larger eggs on the internet so I can use designs on a bigger scale.  I knew I wanted to use these specifically for Easter, so I painted the eggs in bright spring colors.  With a total of 15 eggs, I painted them in series of three (3 pink, 3 purple, 3 yellow, 3 blue, 3 green).  Easy part done!
Hardest part - deciding what to put on the eggs!  I used scrapbook paper already in my stash and most of the paper had large patterns - not right for chicken eggs!  Once I had a plan, I just started cutting and pasting the paper onto the painted eggs.  Sticky and fun - this would be a blast for older children.  As my last step, I decided to apply a top coat of clear acrylic matte medium - it made the eggs shiny and appear like glass rather than wood.  Very cool!!!
Here are my happy and springy finished eggs:
Decoupage Easter Eggs
Decoupage Easter EggsHappy Crafting!

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