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December Recap & Resolutions

Posted on the 31 December 2012 by Diana @azizaspicks
December was quite an eventful month, so I didn't get to see that many movies- I wanted to read more, so I focused on that. Here's a short recap:
Movies 5
Silver linings playbook [2012]
Beasts of the southern wild [2012]
Amour [2012]
Perks of being a wallflower [2012]
Sideways [2004]
Books 5
Now that we're very close to the end of 2012, I decided to re-check my 2012 resolutions that I set at the very beginning of the year. Here they are, plus my FAIL/SUCCESS markings.
December recap & Resolutions
1. Watch at least 150 movies- FAIL 125 movies seen
2. Out of those 150, at least 60 will have been released before 2010- SUCCESS 60 before 2010 :)
3. At least 15 will be foreign movies- SUCCESS 15 foreign films seen :)
4. Review or summarize/write about every movie I see- SUCCESS I have a 90% rate, that qualifies for green, right?
5. Do 2 marathons based on a director's portfolio- SUCCESS I did, on Coen brothers and a little bit on Paul Thomas Anderson and Cronenberg
6. Mantain my 18 posts/month for the blog-  FAIL, especially during the second part of the year
7. Have more then 20.000 views by the end of the year 2012- SUCCESS just surpassed 50.000
8. Rely less on piracy and more on cinema and festival viewings- SUCCESS, although I can definitely do better
9. Improve my writing (Longer reviews, with more depth and a better vocabulary)- SUCCESS i really do think I have improved, but you are the best judge to that
10. Diversity for the blog posts  (more essays, special features, monthly round-up etc)- FAIL I need to work on this one
I am happy to see so many SUCCESS marks and I hope next year I can say the same! Check back tomorrow for my 2013 resolutions!
Until then, I wish you a fantastic New Year, full of happiness, accomplishments and fun times!

p.s. Did you have resolutions? how many did you tick off?

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