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Debbie’s Rad Renovation

By John Lawless @BestHeatingUK
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Debbie’s Rad Renovation

BestHeating customer Debbie from Congleton has pulled off a total transformation Tuesday featuring some of our gorgeous radiators along the way.

Debbie’s bungalow is full of cosy corners beaming with character. Her unique style is seen throughout her home in colourful splashes of personality. From the quirky egg chair and faux taxidermy to the beautiful vintage sofa and pastel color scheme.

Debbie’s Rad Renovation

As a builder’s daughter, Debbie has the skills and drive to turn an idea into something magical to create her dream home. That combined with her eye for interior design has totally transformed her 60’s bungalow.

We couldn’t wait to show you this renovation and we are so happy to be part of it! So, keep scrolling for some classic column radiator inspiration and serious before and after shots like this!

White hallway with a Milano Windsor radiator.

By combining vintage pieces like the beautiful velvet sofa with contemporary elements like the bifold doors, Debbie has created a comfortable eclectic home that showcases her favorite interior styles.

Open plan living room.

Before & After Bedroom Goals

As well as being total bedroom goals, this beautiful space also features two anthracite Windsor column radiators. The classic column design is perfect for Debbie’s style. Providing the perfect balance of old and new. And yes, there is a freestanding bath in the bedroom – we told you it’s what dreams are made of!

Milano Windsor radiator in a bedroom.
Freestanding bath and a Milano Windsor radiator.

If you didn’t love the bedroom enough already, it gets even more impressive when you see what it looked like before Debbie stepped in! Knocking down a few walls and updating those flat 60s radiators really worked a treat.

Bedroom renovation.
Before and after bedroom renovation.

Sweep around the corner and we find ourselves in Debbie’s stylish en-suite. The natural light and dark walls work together so well to create a refreshing, modern feel. We love the choice of anthracite for the heated towel rail to blend into the wall and complement the calming gray interior.

Milano anthracite heated towel rail.
Modern gray en-suite.

Create Wall Features With Vertical Radiators

One of our favorite vertical radiator features lives in Debbie’s bungalow. The decision to go for a double rad feature is so right and works perfectly to frame the door. The symmetrical look is so impressive and provides enough heat to keep the open plan living space nice and warm.

For me, the design of the Radiators was a critical part of the interior just as much as flooring choices or wall tiles. They needed to be stylish just as much as practical with the right heat output for each room.

We were on a tight budget so the plumber had originally quoted for basic white rads, but this was just not an area I was willing to compromise on, and it seemed inefficient and not cost-effective to go cheap and retrofit at a later date.

Debbie’s Rad Renovation

Another highlight – one of many – is the gorgeous hallway. Starring another anthracite Windsor, the color scheme in this space is absolutely stunning. The dark gray rad and the rich green feature wall with the lighter touches of gold and blush pink is perfection.

Milano Windsor anthracite column radiator.

The same can be said for this little corner. Debbie’s use of color is such a joy. We love the combination of calm gray with bright pops of yellow. Every detail is carefully chosen from the turquoise plant pot to the coordinating drawer knobs.

Debbie’s Rad Renovation

Finally, that takes us to the bathroom for the transformation of all transformations. Keeping with the theme color palette, Debbie has chosen an anthracite heated towel rail. The perfect neutral backdrop to inject her playful character with bright towels and fresh green plants.

Debbie’s Rad Renovation
After bathroom picture.

Debbie’s Advice For Choosing A Radiator

I knew I wanted modern but with that original cast iron vibe. So I set about searching for the perfect ones. My plumber specked out the BTU rating for each room for me so I knew exactly what I was looking for. He also suggested a few places to look and BestHeating was luckily one of them.

BTU ratings, room sizes and proposed wall positions to hand I went away and did a lot of research. I found the best way was to make a list with all of the above and then mark each make down with sizes, closest BTU and cost ensuring each was also comparable in style and color.

Important to note for me was that I could get the right BTU heat output with these in a perfect size and depth versus other models which would have needed a much bigger radiator or more columns and be more expensive to achieve the same.

BestHeating Rads came out on top in every category.

Whilst my Plumber helpfully provided the BTU ratings I needed, I also discovered BestHeating have a handy and simple to use BTU calculator on their website. So for those just beginning to get an idea on cost etc this is a great place to start and gather the information you need to get going.

Milano anthracite heated towel rail in a bathroom.

What Does Debbie Think About Her New Radiators?

The quality and thickness of the steel and the 20 year guarantee made them one of the simplest choices of the whole Renovation.

We are 100% happy with them, I have recommended them to friends and will definitely choose them again should we ever do another Reno project.

There is a real sense of fun with Debbie’s interior style that you can’t help but fall in love with. Interior design is often seen as such a serious subject matter. But all it is really about is creating a home that makes you happy.

Thank you so much, Debbie, for sharing your wonderful home with the world! Head over to @fixingupfarnley for some great home renovation advice and more unreal before and after pictures.


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