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Death Comes Unexpectedly!!!

Posted on the 17 January 2013 by Jamesswezey
Death Comes Unexpectedly!!!
So today I decided to take a small walk in the frigid land of country Wisconsin, and it wasn't as cold, or rather I didn't freeze like I believed I would. I think I shall take a longer walk tomorrow. Growing up as a child my options for film watching or television (when even a possibility) were extremely limited; old Disney films, and old films of any kind were usually what I watched. In my father's vast film collection he had the old Disney film Pollyanna, which I hadn't seen in it's entirety in decades. I actually remember disliking it for the most part as a young boy, but there was always something endearing about the story. Now having seen it as my taste in film, story crafting and life has matured and grown in so many different ways I found the film highly enjoyable. I think it is the only "trite" like film that I have ever seen and liked. Part of the reason why this sappy glad game that the title character, Pollyanna, plays works is because everyone else is either miserable or near hopeless all around her and cast shadows of scrooginess around her beams of abundant joy. I'm not going to go over the plot of the film, but I will say this; one person, no matter age, sex, or social context can change any number of people. I then invest about 4 hours on the History Channel about the Presidents of the United States of America. They went through every president from Washington to McKinley; the next part will being with T. Roosevelt and how he challenges the tycoons from the gilded era. It was so fascinating, mainly because I really want to read a biography on every U.S. President, so this kind of gave me a head start, and a little insight into each one up to about 1900 C.E. One of the fascinating things that I discovered was that even before the year 1900, America had encountered I believe at least 5 great economic slumps or depressions which ruined the country's economy. Yet here we stand today; quite strong. I also didn't know that several of the Presidents after Jackson, and then after Lincoln were essentially quite useless, and merely place mats in politics. Also, for a much beloved American President, Lincoln did a lot of shrewd and dictatorial things with his presidential powers; and people frown about what the current U.S. President has done. Even Jackson and Johnson bucked Congress more than once in huge ways. What an experiment in democracy the United States has been; we are still here though, which is quite a testament to something that lies deep within the core of this country, and I'm not quite certain what it is. Thank God for it though.
Pollyanna Trailer
Scene from Pollyanna (I love this scene; it was a great inside joke with my sisters and I growing up)
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