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Dear Twin Flames Will the Sex Die Out…. and What’s in the Box!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


What truly is the twin flame connection my dear Lois and Clark and what will we feel?

(see answer below)

Will twin flame sexual connection diminish over time?

ah yes…

There is no such thing about the twin flame connection sex diminishing.  This connection allows making love and having sex to happen inside of every moment when it is found. Every glance, every touch is that connection not in your thoughts but in your being.  In absence or in presents of each other. The moment will call to you the moment you are connected to you. If you seek sexual gratification it may not be your twin flame, just a soul mate or someone you are connected to those tend to fall out all the time.


Twin flames have this embedded in them from the beginning and stay without regardless of thoughts for the beliefs of a honeymoon phase are just opening the door to this energy’s will is not only self sustaining, it is the contents of what’s in the box in motion. The sexual energy is charged almost to the ends of no end.. It sustains in all movements. They will feel this movement in each other regardless of thought.  Dreaming of your connected mate throwing bullets at you can tell you this especially in a playful manner that you continue to dodge, usually signs of hitting them will signify that the union is fertile to allow the birth of a golden child. This is an example of how deep the connection can give you a simple message in the sleep that twins have in union.


What’s in the box…


Inside of each of us is the bow and ribbon to something deep within us. As we grow, we keep this box guarded and protected, as we go throughout our lives we will meet someone who will possibly tug at the strings of the bow, or make us put this box behind a big vault that keeps us safe.  This precious place inside of us, is susceptible to being tampered with and at some point it almost is impossible to let others get past this vault door, sometimes they create a situation that could alter the vault to need another vault to be placed as the pain would be too great to allow such a thing to happen with the ability to make a rattling of the box.


I have realized one truth.  When you get to a place where you go inside of the vault, one after another, you then realize something magical has happened to you, you are able to give the love you feel inside that box more freely, trust becomes secondary to you in your actions your love becomes the place you are most inside of.  The vibrational energy that is inside this box is able to amplify all effects of that love.  It also is a Geiger counter for when the love is not real.   If you have this happen to you, and let’s say everything you feel is powerful within you.  Something happens if it isn’t right.  In this case let’s say the truth which is secondary, this turned into a lie not only can hurt you it can say your love is not worth the truth. This pain of retelling yourself this creates a thought pattern to create the vault doors to your box.  Modify that beyond the pain you can feel being struck by a train repeatedly and you will experience just a small piece of what I am talking about.  You are kept in the shadows of the truth to which your love is given.  It is almost like the light of the love you feel is being pulled into darkness.   The fear, the pain, the disappointment, and the rejection and most of all the lies that hurt you not only make you wish to close the lid to your box and then place a vault around it and another till there are 10.  Remember this is just the energy of love I am speaking about here, you still have the doors to being, and then the human self that still on the inside of you that will take this, and make it something very painful to relive entirely inside your mind.  You then have two choices, be within or be without.  Love is not selective in this way.  You can accept very minimal expectations and get a response that you seek in aliveness in glimpses and call that love.  This to include finding a love that is sharing a feeling with another that may not even realize they have a very small piece of you, to hold onto in this world, you will even commit to being with this, as you feel protected and settled inside that protection to be at peace.  This is love to, it may not have the same magnitude or have the same energy, but it does have it’s reasons for continuing to be called to inside of you.  True love can only be found when you allow someone to the box and in the box, someone in the place inside you that even the most significant pain can be found.  For what is kept alone inside you will eventually call you home whether you like it or not, most of the time the love that it takes to reach this has to find unconditional love within you to release and embrace. Not just for one but for two.


We all just want to be safe, safe from harm, safe from those that are harming themselves and it is that which is love as well.  You see what can hurt you beyond anything can also be a reflective pain in you that you run from anyway.  We all have this denying this is a truth that is keeping you from yourself and the love inside you.   No matter how strong it is inside you, it will never allow you to be misguided and misunderstood. It becomes the protection device conceived in your thought process, this will see this in all things, choices you make, decisions that are made, they will be justified, and then reconciled inside of you, even if they are wrong.


If you find true love would you truly be able to trust it? Do you realize the box in you has the ability to love even when the lid is closed, you see as that lid gets closed, and the vaults are put into place, and even if there are 10 vaults, imagine that the one who is completely connected to you knows every combination never even meeting you.  The one who does’t, you can keep not only away from you, but you can now be very comfortable in a love/hate relationship!  They will play who you want them to be, and you will play who they want you to be.  Do you see the difference to what I am pointing to here?


Even the greatest places inside you are still inside you, but inside that box is the birth door of your soul, the reason for being, the true understanding of the space we all can see in the sky that is the depth of your soul.  The place that has all of the imagination and none of the thoughts as to why.  You can feel this shake when someone shakes your box.  That stir is something magical.  We all have it, and if you say you don’t, your vaults are even more than the “10” I mentioned.  What if the vaults became removed? Can you imagine the love that this world would generate?  Can you imagine the place inside you emerging for the first time?  No more abuse to yourself, no more madness of the mind inside you.  Just you as the pure soul that you are moving and engaging energy as it was meant to be.


The vibrational energy that is stirred in this connection can stop you in your tracks. It does this for you to enjoy the moment and feel the radiant energy that is within you that you are.  The box, when the ribbon is pulled, allows you to feel such a release.  As each blissful stage of your connection takes the lid off. Something that happens is the answers you are reading here within you to experience.  The stir of someone who can accept every part of you experienced alone in the light, now seems to be joined with another to share the view with.  When this view is pointed to the other, something beyond anything inside the box will tell you all of this is possible.  The carbon based explosions you experienced in birth and death and who was with you through the open door.  I am urging you to search out there inside of you. Google the connection, google the twin flame or soul mate.  You see the imagery written here will not be duplicated cause a true twin flame is speaking united in soul with it’s connection beyond anything that you can imagine, as horrid or completely pain ridden as it could happen, it has happened.  Death, betrayal, deceit, lie upon lie, when all of that is gone what’s left?


Pure love to heal all of that.  Expand the places within you to see even that as a small fraction of what you experience in this connection.  The space inside of the box in each of us have this capability this is the complexity that is simplified in no longer seeking something that was placed inside you. Answers to all things come to you in simply asking inside of the connection.


How many vaults you have is the same as how many locks you create for each vault.  You make yourself locked inside to not hear this truth until the box is stirred.. do you feel it stirred now?  Is something in you saying. I know my box is here. You all can feel something greater in the box.  This box is yours to be shared with the other.  You can be selective if you chose, yet if one doesn’t stir your box then who will can find you if you focus your attention on that box, just by waking each day saying….. What’s in the box?


We love you all and we appreciate all the questions you ask each day.. It is always something to give you the path, yet to see you define it, and awaken inside yourself is the evolution that we knew our love could breathe into.  The truth sets you free……


Lois and Clark

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