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"Dear Senator: I Am Writing as a Gun Owner, Hunter, and Former Member of the Military and Educator. ..."

By Chelseajmartin
“Dear Senator:
I am writing as a gun owner, hunter, and former member of the military and educator. It is time for America to stand up to the National Rifle Association and enact sensible gun control laws with teeth.”

The quote above is is from “A letter from a hunter I love… Dear Senator” from BLVD Central.

I grew up in a home with guns, an avid hunter as a father, and over the years we’ve had frank conversations about gun control. I myself am reluctant to allow a public serving police force to have access to weapons the citizens themselves don’t have. However, I’m not sure either party needs to have them the high round clips and many of the hand guns up for debate.

The latest discussion I had with my dad was quite interesting. We talked at lengthen about how he would feel if his daughters HAD to carry a gun in order to protect themselves. I told him that was not a society I wanted to live in.

It’s important to have real, open, transparent public discussion about gun control, public safety, and the society we all want to live in. I hope the conversation is not dominated by special single interest groups like the NRA (they seem to be driving the conversation).

This is a complicated issue that is very emotional and has roots in the very foundation of the country, but I think it is fair to say when the death toll keeps rising something in our laws and policy is not in alignment with values.

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