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Dear Me …

By 74limelane @74LimeLane

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Dear me*,

You’re going to be OK. You spend too much time wondering about the cool girls and wanting to be accepted. But you know, in the long run, that’s not going to matter.

It’s a bit like the HSC, which don’t get too caught up in either, although it got you where you needed to go, but truth is no one cares about the number in the years to come. Same goes for your popularity rating in high school.

If you knew what I knew, I would encourage you to take more photos and embrace that through university and beyond. See it as a creative outlet rather than a means to an end.

There are some things I’m immensely proud of you for. They may not have been conscious decisions as such but they were right for you, then and into the future.

I can tell you you will meet someone. The one. No, not that one. The one you think at the time. The one will come along later, when you least expect it. And not what you expected. And sometimes it’s the unexpected things that work out for the best.

Some things happen and it feels like the end of the world. While certainly some things will stick with you, a life lesson for the future, but they too shall pass. We have a saying in the future, #firstworldproblems, this applies to many of these things.

Hashtags a thing now.

Not being able to watch Neighbours growing up because of dodgy TV reception? This also qualifies as a #firstworldproblem and you won’t have missed out on much.

Believe it or not, one day you won’t even watch Home and Away anymore.

I wish I had some sage piece of advice to give you. But I don’t, except to say create more, live more and stand tall.

You in 20 years

*dearme is letters to your teenage self. A YouTube campaign as part of International Women’s Day

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