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Dear God, Thank You.

By Obscureamerican @obscureamerican
Dear God,
Thank You for another chance at getting it right today.
Thank You for my wife  that you have given me!
Thank You for her beautiful dark hair and big beautiful eyes.
Thank You for her love and care.
I am so grateful that over the years that I was not loving her the way that You had designed me to love her,
she stuck it out and loved me through it all.
Thank You for my oldest son!
Four years ago You handed him to me and I held my first son.
The world stopped, all the worries went away
and all I could do was look at him.
God, thank You for my youngest son!
When You handed him to me a year ago, everything was up in the air, hanging in the balance.
But You stopped my world again and all I could do was stop and stare at that little face.
Thank You for this abundance of time to spend on my wife and two boys.
Time to spend getting to know You.
Thank You for this home to live in!
It has a roof and walls and heat and a fireplace that if I wanted to I could just push a button and it would turn on.
It has this lever in the kitchen that when you push it back cool and hot water comes out, clean enough to drink!
I can use the bathroom in private and the toilet flushes.
I can take a hot shower.
I have a closet full of clothes that for the most part don't even have  any holes in them.
And they are all clean and if they aren't clean; I could put them through the washer and dryer and they would be!
Thank You for all the shoes I have in a pile at the bottom of the closet.
Thank You for transportation!
God, You have given, LITERALLY GIVEN,
two vehicles to this family and they are
How cool is that!
Lord, thank You for seeing me fit for fixing.
Thank You that you have put me in the furnace, heated me up and put the hammer to me.
I could not be who I am or who I am going to be without Your tempering.
Thank You for removing cigarettes from my life.
Thank You for removing the desire to drink excessively.
Thank You for squelching the desire to look at pornography.
And it may seem quaint to some but thank You for removing all those four letter words that I don't need to use.
There are far better words out there that are considerably more expressive!
I know there will be more times in my life that will require more molding and shaping and tempering.
I am grateful for those times.
These are some of the things I am grateful for.
Things that I can only credit to the Father.
I can trust in You that there will be more to be thankful for in the future.
Your faithful servant.

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