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Dear Clark: I Can’t Be with My Twin Flame… Part 2

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

kissofangelsDear Clark: Can twin flames get married, I mean really married?

Clark: Yes they are married in all moments…

Dear Clark:  No officially… can they be married?

Clark: Yes, but not without swimming through a hurricane of existence… The calmness of the eye in the storm is ones idea of bliss where it is a wealth of answers yet swimming back through to the shore is where the true wedding occurs.. This marriage on the shore goes beyond the answers of the mind and places you on beach of the source embedded in soul and the body it unites the union in truth… Do you understand?

Dear Clark: its bit typical! :-/
U mean after passing through lots of difficulties?

What we see when we are meeting someone who shares something inside with us gets misunderstood.  To clarify this just as it does in any relationship.  What needs to be abstract is this as it pertains to twin flames…

If you have a circle how does it fit into a straight line, or what about a square being connected to a triangle.  Still wondering what this has to do with twin flames or relationships in general?

Yes, that may seem odd!   When you are asking how does this equation of the twin flame or any union need to be embraced to go past the depth to seal a relationship and make it unbelievable.   A few things such a this will help you understand the conflict of the understanding of why your twin won’t be with you or you can’t be with your twin.

Note: the following experience will have communication that will limit why I was retreating and or chasing my twin as well as her chasing me.

Yet combined is the gift of this union in a very small lens….

As a child I was given many different thought processes, many understandings of what love is and what love is not.  I was given the understanding that a man who could be there to make kids didn’t have to be there in the child’s life and yet when it came down to it, the providing which was based on rules of love had to have a financial backing.  As a child I didn’t care much about money, what child does right?  Yet these were what was absent in my understanding and my experience as it became more and more about something I watched my parents achieve in teaching me.  As it came to survival in this world and it came to how you are supposed to experience love this is the view I was taught from.  Now understand what I can also see in love is the energy of a sexual nature that seemed to be almost dreamy, yet it was erotic, and not something that I could see all the sides to, the intimacy that creates such a thing, the understanding of what you see when you look into someone. I experienced sexual abuse at 6 years old, it wasn’t like you think it was a babysitter who had a very interesting fetish, but that is for another post for another time.

I was emotionally disconnected in this understanding as would be any man who can take the time to not know the difference between what connecting is or isn’t.  The stream of energy that I spent my time with as I got older where in such of a more intimate understanding of what the connection should be and told those I had relationships with what I could see, most decided to try and give me that, yet didn’t share in the dream that I had within myself.  I knew there had to be something different, yet inside me I was broken.. I was broken because of the lie inside of myself that kept me from ever understanding that love wasn’t just these things it was something else that I never deserved, because I never experienced it. This false reality was my reality!  Now some may find that they do deserve it, but what is deserve exactly and why does it elude us.  Well here is your answer.. This stream of energy that I lived within wasn’t able to see the concept of my existence as energy and wasn’t able to see that energy flow with another, never seeing the impact of what energy I did give to those outside me was only visible to them, I couldn’t see it nor did I not see why it wasn’t returned… I felt a deep love in me, yet how deep could it be if pain layered over it, inside of it and beneath it?

We all make this about something that is interactive inside the mind where in truth it is the place of forgiving this about ourselves that this or any relationship should give you.  Now in this case forgiveness means to give up the hope that anything about the past could be any different.  It means healing what you don’t know and may never know and the only way to experience this truth is the very thing stated in giving up the thought that you need to be strong where in fact being vulnerable can give you the pain to birth the unthinkable.

As you watch two separate rivers flow and see them come together this is to where this points, the waterfall that is experienced is as violent as it is mixing the two yet it can be not just difficult it can be that the two rivers have no choice.  The twins have this gigantic ocean to merge to create.  Not that all relationships don’t create this, they just start building dams to keep the river on a course that will always keep it from allowing the river to create a more profound earth surrounded by the ocean that is now the union that they created.

Now in my experience I shared what I went through and in brief what Lois went through was very different, both of our up bringing had violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, the blind eye of parenting, the self destructive behaviors of belief of not knowing that we were worth any love that we knew was possible without keeping this and bringing our rivers together has not been without building a dam!

In all cases those dams kept us from achieving the understanding that the river once combined needed to flow to the wider places and go through the places that we held dear by a built dam where the other couldn’t see why a dam was built just the control of the dam was shear avoidance.  Now understand that because I am being specific about how this happen in the world of a river that means nothing about what this river had to show us to make it into an ocean..

The ocean was created from the energy of combining both of these that were in essence our thoughts, our ego’s, our beliefs, and whatever else you can imagine then what you can’t imagine.  When you come here, you may be destined to meet what the truth of love is, but this path I am pointing to is the most beautiful, the most destructive, the most magical, the most brutal, the most hidden, the most obvious, the most incredible connection placed here.  Not because it is a place within it that becomes the practice of everything but because you get to experience the world in the eyes of a child again after it has been meshed together from all that was your existence prior.  Two bodies that experienced the isolation, the disturbance of beliefs that are created because of that isolation and the individuality that needs to be broken into inside of yourself by yourself to combine with the other.

This view is not just yours now, it becomes your twins.  The messages come in your dreams, in your moments of being awake, and even as you get through your day to day existence.  I am so rooted in her, I saw the abuse that happen to her when she was 12, being chained to a pole in the basement, the sadistic man that took her innocence and made it a game, and how painful it was to experience her lose something in her that made her protect herself, from what this was doing to her inside.  Her screams, her cries, her hiding, her anger.  Her spiral of what this did as she got older and used men, and didn’t seek out the paths to heal her, but more so protect her.  I also saw her beaten by her first husband, she pushed him into it, for her to experience love was to be brutally struck, she knew, she could feel the connection with him but wanted to feel the abuse that told her that a form of love was coming from that.  Do you understand what this does to you to see this?  What about not being able to do anything just to stand there experiencing this even in a dream state.  I was there… not because this pain was struck in her but because as my twin I was shifted in a warped way of control to control what I felt was love to in thought inside myself, you combine these things between you to heal this for you both.  The one soul is now infused with all of that, how do you mesh this and then find a way to communicate completely to understand each other?  Did you know that this connection pushed through the walls of the unimaginable to allow you both the connection that surpasses what is known in the world as love.  The trust was broken between us more times then not, not because we had trust issues, but because of the trust we never had in ourselves to never trust the other based on the existence of the painful bends in the river prior.

You see what is not in color becomes black and white in a relationship and so many travel to the gray area they never get to see how to be the true colored universe of love that we always are inside!  Yet, we keep it inside of us never allowing another to know us completely.  You can be married and never experience this, you can be in a long term relationship and never experience this.

Your twin when combined with you will allow you to have tears in your existence that you experienced from their perspective and them from your perspective, then combined!

The violence I encountered as child she witnessed and was shown what it did to me inside of an anger I never was able to diffuse until this combined existence showed me.  I had to re-live as much as she has to re-live.  You want to experience how to let go to be the most to each other in this capacity. You really won’t have a choice, this is that connection in this union.   The hurricane I was trying to explain goes through this depth as well as many other depths.  Each with a birth in understanding the truth and how that truth creates the energy of love you are without form or with form.

Do you truly think that the shell you have that has everything within it from the flesh, down to the bones, doesn’t carry that energy that you experienced in 5, 10., 25, 50 years of existence.  That is a false sense of self the mind created in order to keep you as an individual, that will stay an individual, to keep you from every being connected like you should.  This is not easy to experience when you strip away all that you have known, the thought process that has retained you to keep you in survival mode is removed.

Even the acts of violence that you see look different than before, cause you see the connection in everything. You see the child that is locked away inside and why the child made those choices as an adult.  You can be angry or even bitter, but when this connection is cemented and you are back to shore through the hurricane you realize you are now in alien territory to experience this world with different eyes.  New eyes, because you experienced a life review before you left and answers were found in your connection, this connection is made of the source. It will not let you not see the truth in any form, or formless.

How many do you know that can say they have experienced the greater pain their love they are connected to experienced? Can tell you the details of what their thought process was, can you stand before anyone and show them the painful face and the teas that struck their existence and yours.    Do you know how painful what was done to them effected you inside of yourself to truly break through it to share a love that allows you to close your eyes and feel their heartbeat in sync with your own… Inside me I hear two heartbeats…. What do you hear?

Do you feel that love is fine without this restriction that is in place now cause we don’t connect in this way? Do you see how going through this very thing and even if you run you will still be infected by this truth?  How many don’t connect after experiencing this are missing the most blissful connection you can ever experience, not because it isn’t real but because they don’t see past the pain or their choices past, current, or future.

Hopefully this will cause the shift in this existence and this experience, I laid a ton of information here that is not really information it is the truth that binds the foundation of the cemented fracture that spawns the most beautiful way to experience love!

It is so tragic, yet so beautiful.. What was never able to be healed, heals in this connection, not because it is talked about it, It has never been worded in such a way I feel, yet that is why we are here.  We are the 29th union of creation based on place of light, but it is experienced to see the path of thought that created the ego behind it and now instead of one trying to disable the ego two share in disabling the lies that powered the ego to keep the truth from ever being able to heal.  This connection heals that truth.  Now as this was stated in the most direct way… imagine this for all things, how you view the world before, why you make the choices you make, how things impacted you before, how you have no more secrets inside you that only you carried is now shared with another.

The thoughts you had, have or will have, come inside you both, you both can hear it, you both experience it and you see it for what it is without needing an understanding of it.  The voice inside you now two, the existence you have in single now doubled and you see this and you stay in the in between state of existence. You get to be more present and you are not alone in that presence.  You are now.. no more understanding of what it means to be alone.

So I see that you are asking about married, about the twin flames ability to marry one another, do you see how many weddings took place just before we even got to the ceremony you see as a couple that happens.

The fear of being found out why you make the choices you make is the step that keeps the fear alive.  The fear is the venerability that men have but don’t show as we either are taught or ignore it by the lie we tell ourselves. Women have this and keep it inside yet feel it stronger because it needs to be in place and not shared, cause it would mean destruction of the self!  Who would you be without the experiences you have in this existence? The threat of this being found out or identified are false fear yet a very powerful illusion that will keep the pain in you alive enough to keep it hidden.  For what reason?  Combined you will have answers to this and a few others!

If you notice I have no fear about sharing these pains for they birthed us in union… It was not easy, and yes there was a pain in every uncovering in this truth.. Pain happens with birth and the reward goes beyond the thoughts you keep and it goes deeper in this union.  This truth sets you free!

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