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Dear Amnesty Australia : Don’t Force Us to Opt-Out

Posted on the 06 March 2012 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

Have you received an email, submitted an online enquiry or completed an entry form where you had the opportunity to opt-in to a newsletter or even a purchase upgrade? Of course you have, everyone is doing it now. It’s essentially the McDonald’s theory of upsizing.

I also bet that you’ve been in the same situation where you literally have to opt-out not to receive the weekly newsletter or the purchase upgrade. It’s not cool. You don’t see McDonalds telling you when you order a McChicken that it automatically comes with Fries and a Coke – No they ask and there’s nothing wrong with that because they ask.

Amnesty International Australia sent me a letter yesterday (I’ve supported them for a few years) and it had a strong call to action – URGENT: MR AISBETT, WE NEED YOUR INCREASED SUPPORT. The kind letter even went on to tell me that not only do they need my extra support but they were going to take it unless I asked them not to. Here is how they explained it:

“In 2012 and beyond we are challenged with increasing our international contribution to fund new human rights action centres. To ensure we meet this challenge please note that your monthly contribution to Amnesty International Australia will be increased…”

To stop the automatic increase to my donation I have to call Amnesty or alternatively fill out a form and return it to them. This also is not cool.

So to Amnesty International Australia I say, Yes I read that you are grateful of my contributions but your actions tell me otherwise. Whilst I clearly support your work and I don’t want to instigate even one person to withdraw their donations, know that this is not the best way to deal with your contributors. I was already uncomfortable with the contracting of call centres to try and draw more contributions from me and this has taken it too far.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this exercise and I am clearly using Amnesty International Australia as a case of what not to do.

To all organisations looking to sign me up to your newsletters, add extras to my online purchases, etc, etc you may ask but do not assume or trick me. This type of dishonest practice will get you to the point when we will all withdraw our business or support. We know when we’re being screwed.

Since when did business start to undervalue customer service and customer relationships as a vital cog in the marketing mix?

If you have other stories such as this or you would like to highlight similar organisations then please use the comments below as your soapbox. We will share the worthy points via our social media channels.

Dear Amnesty Australia : Don’t Force Us to Opt-Out
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