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Dear 14 Year Old Me...

By Kelliciousxo @Kelliciousxo

Dear 14 year old me...

Hello, 14 year old me on her first trip to Bristol!

Greetings from a 19 year old version of you! Yes, you've made it that far and have still remained pretty much as awesome as ever ;) I'll try not to make this letter too long, or give away too much (because we all know what happens in Back to the Future when they mess with the past and future!) but I think you'd like to know a few things to help you through the next few years.
I know it's a while away, but your university plans won't be simple, but trust me, it will all work out in the end. You are unsure whether to go down the History/English or Science route after GCSEs, but you don't have to decide on anything definite yet! You are great at both, so take Geography, History and Latin as your extra options...and also take Drama, because it will be 2 of the funniest years of your life.
You met a new guy two years above you at school this year, and he will become a huge part of your life for almost 3 years - I won't tell you when, but it's quite soon (yes, you will finally have a proper relationship!) and you'll have to learn to handle a long distance relationship, so please make the most of the time he's still in Coventry with you! Things won't end brilliantly but those years will make you a much better person - you've already started to realize that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and that belief will become even more important over the coming years. I hope I don't scare you saying that, because it really all will be for the better.
Without revealing many details, you are going to go to the other side of the world and have the most incredible experience of your life in the process. It will be one of the most rewarding trips of your life and you will meet some amazing people. There will be a few other countries you'll see too, and have an equally awesome time in.
Dear 14 year old me...
Blink 182 broke up last year, and I know you were gutted because you always wanted to see them. However, you will go and see them in concert in the future, and it will be more than worth the wait. Oh, and there's another awesome band from the past that get back together...but you'll get too excited if I tell you now!
  • Don't let people walk over you, because sometimes you really just need to learn to say no. You are your own person and shouldn't let others take advantage of you.
  • Don't take forever deciding to tell 'the guy' that you like him too - you'll miss out on a few more month's worth of a great relationship if you do!
  • Facebook will be better soon - I know basically none of your friends have it right now, but soon enough no-one will give a crap about MySpace (crazy, I know) and you'll spend your life looking at your News Feed...
  • Don't hang onto the hope you'll get taller because you'll always be the height you are now...however, any guy you date will always be over 6 foot!
  • Don't worry about losing your friends even though I've been at university for a year, we're all still as close as ever - there's some friends you made this year that will eventually become some of your fiercely close mates that you will never want to lose, so don't do anything stupid!
Anyway, enjoy the next 5 years because they will be full of some life changing and memorable experiences - it's all up from here!
Dear 14 year old me...

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