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Deal With Emotional Unavailability

By Gayatri @LifeEssence2

Deal With Emotional Unavailability
Twist and turn can be renamed by life. Imagine our life without these twists and turn. It will be really boring. Sometimes this twist made us panic and in dating life as well as in married life it happens many times. In every relationship some time we find ourselves alone. If the patch occurs for long time it will be really panic.  Your partner doesn’t sympathize when you are in grief or doesn’t understand you when you are feeling low. You dial persona but every time you get engage tone he / she is unavailable emotionally. This emotional unavailability hurts mate and many times can cracked relationship.
What is emotional unavailability? If he/she is an emotionally unavailable person they are really unable to build physical closeness despite are being present physically. You know the monosyllabic conversation you have with your partner when he's stick to a sport match. Imagine that to be his or her response to every situation. Such individuals give a feeling of not being available when the other one needs them the most, be it sister, parent, friend or spouse. They wouldn't be the first person you would call up in times of crisis or distress. Those on the receiving end of such a relationship feel unloved. Mike my friend told “ I am really stress because of my office work and that I want to share with my mate Reena but whenever I want to start the topic she is to be busy in  housework or she is busy in painting her face. I tired lot of time to share my feelings with her but it seems she is not interested it makes me more stress.  Now I always went to my club whenever I am surrounded by stress black clouds. I need my mate with me emotional because of her behavior I found sex with her less interesting.Deal With Emotional UnavailabilityOnce emotional unavailability becomes a way of life, it is difficult for a person to feel comfortable. Emotional neglect is very harmful to relationships, sometimes even physically also. Such a person finds every excuse to avoid situations which demand emotional attention, that instigating the spouse to look for another emotional anchor. A child deprived of emotional security may extract it from the other parent, sibling or spouse. However, an unresponsive partner makes the other feel unwanted and unloved, raising levels of unhappiness in the relationship, and eventually leading to the partner to seek an anchor outside the marriage. A woman may turn her complete attention on the children, which can lead to over-protection and over-obsessive behavior.
Deal With Emotional UnavailabilityThis way you can deal with itFirstly, avoid taking the responsibility of changing person, parent, spouse or friend. Try not to smother them with too much attention and divert your attention by taking up an assignment. The key is to avoid thrusting the responsibility of your happiness upon this person, as this will only lead to pain and disappointment. Cliché as it sounds, accept him or her the way (s)he is. Therapy would certainly help, but for YOU! The emotionally unavailable person rarely feels the need for it!Deal With Emotional UnavailabilityEmotionally distant people keep everyone at bay — they have no relationships or attachments. They are loners. An emotionally unavailable person is surrounded by people, has friends, cousins, protégés, and associates but does not belong to anyone.Stealthy emotional neglect can break down a relationship. It needs to tackle it on correct time.
-Priyadarshini Hinge

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