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Dead Men Can’t Catcall by Samantha Peterson

By Sugar @TormentedSugar

This is the cat call that led to this beautiful poem

“I like a big girl in bed, baby. More room to paint on.”

I love how she said she walked away feeling complimented:

a few lines of her poetry I adore

“Nature is a frenzied horse most useful after it is broken”

“The orchard i would set on fire to match the color of your mouth=desirability is a clever theif..cast subject as object if it means i am wanted..i know bodies like mine can only be talked in metaphor”

“The fat body the dirty sidewalk is to big to be worthy of human form”===THIS IS HOW PEEPS MAKE US FEEL

“There are days the body positivity movement does not prepare you for” ===SO TRUE

SPOILER ALERT: by giving you my favorite quote

“My body is good like a body. I take up this much space. I’m not some sprawling thing in the distance. I am right here. I AM RIGHT HERE!!!


Watch the entire powerful poet give her poem in a poetry jam type setting below!! I used to go to poetry Jam’s in College, our coffeehouse had one every month, I listened and longed to be on that stage…now my stage is my Art…I’m better with a paint brush than words at times.

xoxo Sugar


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