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DayZ Standalone Developer is Working on Better Zombie A.I.

Posted on the 21 May 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
DayZ standalone developer is working on better zombie A.I.
Following the announcement of expanding the team working on DayZ Standalone, Bohemia Interactive has now outlined some of the features coming to the sandbox survival game.
In an update on its Tumblr blog, the developer outlined upcoming priorities for the game, things such as animal AI, refactoring the inventory system and better zombie pathfinding are among them.
“Our major focus has been on establishing the architecture, both in the team and in the game, in order to deliver best in the future,” the update reads. “This involved us drastically increasing the size of the team working on the game. This had a severe short-term impact on our progress as our existing team had to devote time and resources to training and planning. The new zombie pathfinding is a good example of this approach beginning to produce results.”
“Because the system is now unified it means that more efficient (and more natural) pathfinding solutions are available to the AI, at a fraction of the performance cost as before,” it adds.
Among the major features the developer is working on, is better performance for the game. “Performance optimizations can be very significant. Currently the team are working on parallelizing the AI pathfinding function so it can operate on a separate core. With all new functionality we are developing in this way, unfortunately that means that it can take longer for us to develop but the results for performance can be massive,” it explains.

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