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Daytona Bleach, MONOWHALES Album Review

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Toronto alternative indie shining stars, are here with a hot new album, Daytona Bleach - and y'all, it bangs.

The pop/rock/alternative trio offers seven tracks across 24 minutes and they don't waste a single second. The whole thing is moving, always. There's an inherent motion to the album and songs and band, really. And a lot of that comes with lead singer Sally Shaar in the spotlight. Her energy and vocal performances come to the surface on each of the Daytona Bleach songs, and as she grows and drummer Jordan Circosta and guitarist Zach Zanardo grow with her, the ceiling on what MONOWHALES can do and how far they'll go continues to rise.

BUT, with all the glitter and upbeat sounds and vibes, there's more just below the surface. In a press release accompanying the album's release, Shaar says, "We love to write upbeat songs you can sing and dance to, but the truth is that it's not always sunshine and soda-pop in the lyrical content." - and that extra layer only adds to these songs and the journey of listening to them. There's some real-life shit on this record, but it's still one that's going to make you want to get up and dance.

And, to be quite honest, MONOWHALES, with these songs and the rest of their catalogue, are very high on the list of acts we can't wait to see live, at around midnight, in a packed club full of people who want to dance and sweat and have a great time. We've seen it before from them, and we can't wait to see it again.

MONOWHALES - Out With The Old

Even with all that real-life shit though, this album is a lot of fun. Fun to dance to, fun to sing, fun to get the hooks stuck in your head. Yes, 12 songs would have been great - but the upside here is that nothing is wasted. MONOWHALES haven't included any songs that don't belong. No weak links. No misses. From All or Nothing at track one to I Don't Think About U at track seven, Sally, Jordan, and Zach are focused and pointed in one direction, together.

Note: If you like RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down), and you need a little more MONOWHALES after you've listened to Daytona Bleach, go back to July 2020 and the BEAT UP: The RWLYD Remixes - EP.


In a previous post, we said, "The band has gone ahead and bent the rules of pop, alternative, and rock to make something all their own.", and that's true today as well. This isn't a straight rock or pop album. This is a mix, a combination, a coming together of ideas and sounds and styles. It's something personal to the band and their team.

It's hyperbole to say that they've changed the game or done something so new that it's unique only to them - but what is true is that MONOWHALES have found the sound and style that feels like the right fit, the right vibe, and the right music for them. And that's the win. That's the takeaway.

The growth as musicians and creators and artists from their earlier work like Control Freak to now is what has brought them here, and what will take them to whatever comes next.

Daytona Bleach, MONOWHALES Album Review

If you've liked any of the singles or releases that came prior to the album drop, this is an album that you're going to want to put on and let play. Don't skip ahead, fight the temptation to hit repeat. Just hit play and listen from start to finish. And then, when you're done, pick your favourites (if you can) then go back and listen to those songs again, and enjoy the hell out of them.

Hit play on the stream to listen to Daytona Bleach now and turn it up.

MONOWHALES, Daytona Bleach tracklist

Daytona Bleach, MONOWHALES Album Review

Daytona Bleach, MONOWHALES Album Review

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